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3 Tips for Building a Successful Carpentry or Home Improvement Business

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If you are thinking of an idea for a lucrative business these days, why not consider carpentry or home improvement? Currently, the demand for all-around handymen is healthy because the number of homeowners is actually increasing, especially when you count those living in urban multi-family residential developments.

Such city dwellers are extremely busy, and many of them do not have the time nor the inclination to take care of the physical aspects of their home. They would rather and readily hire professional help to repair cabinetry, shelves, install tiles, unclog drains, and the like. This is where you and your team comes in.

Here are a few simple but important tips on how to start your own home improvement business:

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Invest in the right tools and equipment

There are many freelance carpenters and skilled workers out there that that homeowners employ for their home improvement needs, but what will set you apart from them is the proper professional tools and equipment to get the job done right. A basic set of carpentry tools would be comprised of high-quality screwdrivers, hammers, saws, pliers, as well as corded tools such as planers, grinders, drills and other power tools.

Depending on your area of specialization, you might also want to provide plumbing services and therefore you would need relevant tools such as spanners, wrenches, etc. Whatever service you choose to provide, it is always impressive for a customer to see that a home improvement company, no matter how small, is well-equipped. Apart from human skill, using the right tools and implements is also vital in achieving excellent handyman work.


Zero-in on a target market

In order to start your business, it would be wise to focus on a specific group of customers first. As mentioned, one of the biggest opportunities for home improvement companies these days lies in the market of apartment and condominium dwellers. Of course, you can also focus on residential subdivisions and gated communities, where there are likewise many homeowners. You can go by geographical location and focus on residential areas within your city or those surrounding your place of business.

Starting small and focused will help you build your niche market, and from there, you can expand slowly but surely. Building a niche market is important in creating a positive reputation for your company and your services, because in the field of carpentry and home improvement services, the biggest source of continuing business you will find is in positive referrals. A negative reputation will affect your standing in the community, and you will find it difficult to get more customers.

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Don’t neglect after-sales service

Speaking of positive reputation, the only way you can achieve this is to assure customer satisfaction. This means making sure that your client is happy with the work that you did. In case the customer is not happy with the quality of your workmanship, be ready to go the extra mile to do a rework or to make the necessary adjustments.

In reality, the saying that “the customer is always right” is really difficult for business owners to achieve, but this simply means keeping an open line of communication. Negotiate and compromise if needed, and never respond in a hostile or unpleasant manner. The key is to build positive relationships with your customers, so that you are ensured of continuing patronage and additional business through referrals to their family, neighbors, and friends.

Of course, as with any other business, don’t forget all the necessary legal and professional paperwork such as business permits, licenses, and payment of necessary taxes and dues. Most importantly, choose the right employees and staff that you can trust, and whose skills are topnotch and reliable. A home improvement business relies greatly on the quality of the talent of the workforce you have, so make sure to capitalize on their talent and loyalty. Investing in the right people is likewise an investment in a profitable future for your business.

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