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FarmOn Opens 17th Cycle and Other Inspiring Start-Up Stories

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Once again, Happy New Year to every Juan! This 2018, let us all continue to claim the richer lives in store for us. How to claim it? By continuously investing and enlarging our financial mindsets, by continuously living out the steps, through being a W.I.S.E.R. P.I.N.O.Y. — the 10 steps to a richer life.


Heads up. Many have been asking me how to invest in FarmOn and when the cycle and sign-ups will resume. Well the 17th cycle is upon us. Caveat first, I am also a FarmOn investor, a satisfied and careful investor so far, but I am in not connected with them or with the people behind them. I also do not earn any amount blogging about them.

The 17th cycle will open tomorrow, Jan 8, 2018.

Farmon 17th Cycle Opening.JPG

Image from FarmOn Facebook page.

As in previous cycles, best to manage your expectations in terms of website downtime (due to heavy online traffic) as well as the available crops for investments (or the lack of it or should it run out fast). Every cycle, FarmOn is gaining more and more popularity so expect more demand on the items for investment despite limited supply. And here I realized a long time ago there are many rich Filipinos on the lookout for investment opportunities. May the Force be with you tomorrow.

See here for the FarmOn ROI guide, as well as the actual ROI of our 13th and 14th cycle investments. Once again, caveat emptor.



358 days to go before 2019. Yes, we just started 2018 but before you know it we’re one month done, one quarter, 6 months done, then -ber months again. Time flies, so we have to make time our ally by building our various investments and active, passive and portfolio income streams.

I found these inspiring infographics from the Facebook page Funders and Founders. Reblogging them here because sharing is caring.

It’s never too late to start. Hopefully, 2018 is the year for us to try new things, try out and execute that business idea. May 2018 inspire us enough to pursue our passions and dreams that we’ve been setting aside due to lack of finances, time or courage.

I am not saying these are factually accurate, but I found them inspiring and encouraging nonetheless. Again, images are not mine. Credit goes to the owners.

Hope it gives your 2018 a boost too. It’s never too late to start, but Juan has to take the necessary steps. You may zoom in on the images for better appreciation.












Make sure that 2018 will be your richest and best yet. Grab a copy of our ebook #10Steps to a Richer Life and find out how WISER PINOY = RICHER PINOY. Click here for more details.

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This 2018, may we have richer lives!

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