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2018 Investment Strategies (and FarmOn Hot Pepper Harvest)

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Cheers! Happy New Year!

They say end the year with a bang!

Or as the TV shopping says, “But wait, there’s more!”

Last month, harvest results of cycle 13 green chili came out. Then two weeks ago, cycle 14 harvests came out — pekin duck and fish pond. I mentioned that the only pending item for harvest is the cycle 13 hot pepper, and that if it comes out within December, it will still be within expected timelines.

Voila! It did come out despite the holidays (didn’t expect farmers to harvest during the merriment of the season).

Just right after Christmas, I got an email about the harvest, and the harvest yielded 32%, our highest among the 4 farm products we invested in this year (in terms of nominal value). But in terms of annualized ROI, the fish pond and pekin duck will be higher since they yielded 20%+ profits in 6 months vs the chili group that yielded 30%+ in 10 months.

All in all, great yields!

Farmon Complete 13th 14th Harves

The hot pepper ROI is within the lower band of expected 30% to 138% net ROI for the investor, based on the ROI guide from FarmOn. If you’re wondering why I only mention 13th and 14th cycles, and not 15th and 16th cycles, it’s because the charitable Ilocana and I opted not to invest in the last 2 cycles because the options are mostly palay (and we already have palay and rice investments through our Field of Dreams Quirino).

Caveat. We haven’t withdrawn any amount yet from FarmOn so these are all paper gains. We intend to re-invest all proceeds, so that we maximize the compounding effect of our passive income. Likewise, we intend to add more investments in the coming year, but then again, only the amount we can afford to lose. Expecting that the cycles early 2018 will feature more diverse crops and farm products since most have been harvested already late in 2017.



This blog is turning 7 years next year and if you’ve been following us for quite some time, diversification is always a key part of our annual investment strategies. It will still be the theme for next year, but higher priority will be allotted for build, build, build — similar to the Du30 government’s program.

As it is, I feel like I have exposures in a diverse mix of investments, and make no mistake, I will still explore new investment vehicles in 2018. But, I will put a slightly higher budget in building the existing ones, in increasing the exposure in my existing investments. Probably, 35% of 2018 new money for investments will go to new investments while 65% will be additional exposures to tried and tested investments, such as crowdfunding, stocks, managed funds and higher yield long term placements. Of course, new business ventures as well for 2018.

God has been very generous to us this 2017, granting us 52% growth in current net worth and 22% growth in living net worth. I hope yours grew much faster. (Click here to learn how to compute your net worth).

Thankful in advance for what 2018 has in store.

Cheers to a 2017 filled with growth!

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May we all have richer and more fulfilled lives in 2018! Cheers!

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