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FarmOn 14th Cycle Harvest – Pekin Duck and Fishpond

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Merry Christmas every Juan!

In a few days time, 2017 will come to a close and 2018 will get full speed ahead. I hope and pray that 2017 has been good to you in every aspect– spiritually, physically, mentally, and definitely, financially. Like every year, it has been filled with ups and downs for the charitable Ilocana and I, but we are thankful for all the blessings nonetheless.

Another year of significant net worth growth and filled with blessings. Not a straight line, mind you, but significant growth nonetheless. Excited for 2018!

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Now for the FarmOn updates.


Last month I shared updates on the harvest of our green chili investment in the 13th cycle. It yielded 60%, of which 30% came back to us, the rest to the farmers and FarmOn itself. We’re still waiting for the harvest of our red pepper though (3-10 months timeline), which we also invested in during 13th cycle. By my own estimates, we should see the harvest by this month but since it’s already the holidays, probably by January. Hopefully. Click here for more details on our 13th cycle investments.

Farmon 13th Waiting.png

For the 14th cycle, we tried pekin duck and fish pond, with timelines of 4-5 months and 6 months respectively. Estimate gross ROI of 50%-100% and 40%-60%, again respectively. Net return to investor is minimum of 25% for pekin duck and 20% for fish pond. Note that these returns are not guaranteed and are only indicative.

Well the results are in:

Farrmon 14th Cycle Harvest

Fish pond yielded 23% while pekin duck 26%.

Both were harvested within 6 months and both met the minimum ROI by about a hairline. So far, our 3 investments have reached the minimum estimated ROI. No complaints here, we just gave capital and let them do all the work. Easy-peasy Japan-easy. Annualized ROI is equivalent to almost 50% without taking as much risk as speculating in the stock market. Caveat though. Juan can only enjoy such annualized rate in FarmOn if he’s fast enough to select and to invest in farm crops with short harvest cycles and high ROI.

Again, very thankful for this ROI. I hope 2017 gets closed with another 20s ROI for the hot pepper, or even a welcome gift for 2018. Caveat, we haven’t tried withdrawing yet. We only invested an amount we can afford to lose, and definitely the charitable Ilocana and I will re-invest the money in the upcoming FarmOn cycles.

Cheers to 2017 and FarmOn investments. Hope yours did great too.

Click here to learn more about crowdfunding, and here for details specific to FarmOn and their ROI guide. Caveat once again, crowdfunding is relatively new and in fact, SEC is coming out with more regulations to ensure that it is safe for the general public to invest in. So do exercise caution wherever you invest your money.

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Merry Christmas and may we all have richer lives in 2018!


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  1.’s a great feedback. Have you tried Cropital? It is similar to FarmOn and it is easier to join. I hope it is also easy to fund the account through online transfer especially for OFWs.

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