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31 Stock Market Terms for Newbies

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Browsing like-minded websites, I came across this infographic from Beat the Market Analyzer. It is about the 31 Super Simple Stock Market Terms for Better Investing. Reblogging it here with permission, after all, sharing is caring, and I want every Juan of you to benefit from this gem as well.

It’s a quick read, highly informative and entertaining infographic, very much suited for newbies and even for experienced stock market investors in need of a refresher.

Albeit one of the most discussed investment topics in books and even online, investing and trading the stock market can be daunting, confusing, and worse traumatic for some. Likewise, should Juan join forums and social media groups on stocks investment, Juan can sometimes get lost with all the jargons and terminologies used in fundamental and technical analysis, as these are sparingly used by more experienced investors and traders.

31 Stocks Terms Snapshot.JPG


Nonetheless, these seemingly barriers to entry shouldn’t stop any Juan from studying and continuously learning about the stock market and the rewards it can bring, given proper risk management.

Without further ado, here’s the infrographic from (Zoom the picture in case you find it small).

The image is also available on their website. Just click here.


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  1. what we should learn as beginner?

  2. Ahsan says:

    Hmmm, Your blog is really good.

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