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FarmOn 13th Cycle Green Chili Harvest; Invest Your Christmas Bonus in 4.625% RTBs

FarmOn Opens 16th Cycle; PSEi Reaches All Time High - How's Your Money?
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Finally! After 9 months from our date of payment, one of our 13th cycle investments with FarmOn was already harvested — Green Chili.

Some notes first: (1) I am not a FarmOn employee, just a FarmOn member and investor. (2) For those still asking, referrors are no longer needed starting the 15th cycle.

Back in February during the 13th cycle registration, only a few farm items remained open given the mad rush from many investors (well the succeeding cycles were no different) so we opted to invest in the Green Chili and Hot Pepper, which both had timelines of 3 to 10 months (a bit longer compared to more popular farm products in FarmOn).


Well, the green chili was within schedule (9 months from investment, 8 months from start of planting which is March 1) albeit at the higher end of the timeline range.

Well we earned 30% which is at the low end of the 60% to 277% expected ROI (to be divided by two between investor and farmer). See ROI guide here.

FarmOn 13th Cycle Green Chili Harvest; Invest Your Christmas Bonus in 4.625% RTBs

Nonetheless, we are satisfied with how our first try turned out, a 30% ROI in 9 month’s time is already hard to beat even in the stock market (unless you’re already a veteran). Likewise, prices of farm produce tend to fluctuate due to seasonality so we’ll take the 30% gain. Just sitting there, being a passive investor / financier, and being able to help our farmers up north, then get 30% ROI. Pwede na.


Below are the other investments we have with FarmOn which are still pending harvest. If the items stay within forecasted timeline, we should get harvest updates by next month, December to perhaps January next year. Fingers crossed. Hope they are as profitable, or more!

Pending 13th 14th Products

Caveat emptor. This is not a solicitation for you to invest blindly, but rather to give you investment options to consider and further study. From our part, we only invested a small amount, an amount we can afford to lose just for diversification’s sake. Likewise, please note that we haven’t tried withdrawing any amount so that’s another lookout for us.


As I have repeatedly mentioned over and over again, crowdfunding is a relatively new field of investment in the Philippines, as such I expect that government agencies (e.g. SEC) will surely come up with firmer regulations and policies in the future. Well such move is now gaining traction. In news articles that came out today, SEC mentioned that it is working with BSP on how to make crowdfunding in the Philippines safer, along with cryptocurrencies (which is another hot investment for a separate discussion).

Well I hope SEC and BSP both keep an open mind (in a good way) when it comes to regulating crowdfunding. Nonetheless, I hope they also come up with effective rules to ensure that all crowdfunding are legitimate, licensed, stable, and transparent to its potential investors when it comes to the risks.

Here is a link to the article: SEC looks to regulate cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding.


Our government is once again raising funds, this time to the sum of PHP130B via retail treasury bonds (RTBs). The minimum denomination is PHP5,000, with rate of 4.625% p.a., for 5 years. The government also mentioned that this can be a good timing for the ordinary Juan to invest, especially now that Christmas bonuses and 13th month pays are already being given out. RTBs are much like high yield deposits which earn a much higher interest.


Good until supplies last or until Nov 29. This issue has a higher interest compared to the previous RTB issued in 2016 so I expect that demand for these will be much higher.  I also expect that this will run out sooner than later. Inquire with your preferred bank now!

Speaking of bonds, there are also plans to launch a Marawi Rehabilitation bond — for the government to raise money for rehabilitation of Marawi. Let’s all stay tuned for that. Nag-invest ka na, nakatulong ka pa!

For an in-depth discussion of other investment options, grab a copy of our e-book #10Steps to a Richer Life and find out why WISER PINOY = RICHER PINOY. Read more here.

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