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FarmOn Opens 16th Cycle; PSEi Reaches All Time High – How’s Your Money?

FarmOn Opens 16th Cycle; PSEi Reaches All Time High - How's Your Money?
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In case you missed (ICYMI), like most investors did, the FarmOn 16th cycle opened this morning (and most slots also closed this morning). Demand from investors remains very high given the attractive ROI without much effort needed from them, except for their invested capital of course. The shorter-term, faster turnaround crops and items ran out shortly after the 16th cycle opening was announced (plus some website crashes and offline episodes along the way).

Farmon 16th

As of this writing, the only open farm product for investment (for those who still want to invest) is rice. Recently, FarmOn expanded into a number of new farms in Pangasinan, La Union and Cagayan but most of these only offer rice. Likewise, it could be that the various veggies / fruits planted in the other farms are not yet ready for harvest, hence the other farms are not yet available for replanting.

Caveat emptor. I am neither part of FarmOn nor will I get any commission discussing FarmOn. I am just an investor like you, and I believe in their business model, I am investor waiting for my money to grow. As always, only risk the money you can afford to lose. Likewise, be careful of investment scams, most recent of which we discussed is Pluggle.


Going back, expected investment cycle for FarmOn’s rice is 6 to 8 months (starting from Jan 2018 planting). Expected ROI (take note not guaranteed) is 20% to 30% (split that with FarmOn / farmers and the investor will get 10% to 15%. Not bad for 6 to 8 months especially if Juan has no other investment options.

Based on our limited farming experience, the best harvest time for rice comes from the summer months (April to pre-June), which means the best planting time is December to January. Our harvest time is much shorter though, it does not reach 6 to 8 months so do consider that. It might be that after harvest, FarmOn will also be the one to package it under their own brand of rice, and sell it.

For those who have been asking, referral from existing members is no longer required starting the 15th cycle. Just create your account in, choose the farm produce you want to invest in, then FarmOn will send you the contract and payment details. Click here for the ROI guide of FarmOn.

Farmon New Banner

FarmOn has reached its 16th cycle and many investors were able to achieve double digit ROI in less than a year. How about you? How fast is your money growing? Or is it growing through investments to begin with?

Visit our Newbie Guide to get started on your own investments. We cover many investment options in this site. If you want a one-stop discussion on investment options and the journey to financial freedom, grab a copy of our #10Steps to A Richer Life ebook.



The Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi), which contains the 30 biggest and most actively traded stocks in the Philippines, the barometer for the whole stock exhange in the country, touched the 8,500 zone earlier today, reached as high as 8586 to be exact. Nonetheless, it closed below 8500 and settled down at 8497 (just a few bps below 8500).

Trading was suspended yesterday due to transport strike, but found aggressiveness at the open today as it gapped up in the opening. It seems to respect the pivot point resistance 2 (R2) though since it failed to hold on to the intraday high and closed below R2, forming a long wick.


Stochastistics show overbought readings while RSI is also nearing overbought. MACD is still reflective of the recent upward bullish momentum. Until when, we can’t tell.  We’ll find out as it happens.

Personally I would think the index will have to rest a bit in the coming days or weeks, and allow the moving averages to catch up. If this happens, funds may rotate to 2nd liners and 3rd liners, as the index stocks go sideways or are sold down a bit. Index support is at 8300 to 8337.

Caveat emptor.

ROI OF 19.5%

YTD, the index is up 19.5% so if you invested in an index tracking fund by end of 2016, you would have gained close to this ROI by this time. If you invested in stocks on your own, I hope your returns are near this ROI, or even much higher.

My managed funds have lower ROI than 19% and I’m not sad about it. Why? Because I keep on buying monthly, build my managed fund investments regularly, as such I have fresher investments this year and in recent months. As expected, those I bought more recently have not yet appreciated by as much. But definitely, the investments I bought pre-2017 have already gained at least 19%. This is for my long term fund anyway. As for my personal stocks trading portfolio, returns are in high teens as well.

How about you? How are your investments doing? If you want to be rich and financially free sooner rather than later, you have to build passive income and portfolio income through investments.

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May we all have richer lives and high ROI!

Images from COL Financial and FarmOn.


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