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Double Your Money in 12 Days – SEC Issues Warning vs Pluggle Inc

Double Your Money in 12 Days - SEC Issues Warning vs Pluggle Inc
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Just a Public Service Announcement (PSA).

There’s really nothing new. Promises of outrageous returns enticing unsuspecting Juans. In the case of Pluggle Inc., while SEC advised that it is indeed registered as a corporation, it is “not authorized to solicit investments from the public.” Which means they may operate as a company, but not as an investment company (because that entails more permits).

So take note, SEC registration alone is not enough. Frankly, it’s easy to register a new company in SEC but the necessary permits to solicit investments, that’s what’s difficult to secure. Every Juan is advised to exercise caution before investing in these kinds of activities and to take the necessary precaution in dealing with Pluggle Inc. or any of its representatives.


The offer is really something that it very hard to resist especially for those who don’t know of other investment options, or are just impatient to get rich. The offer is really too good to be true, because it really is just that, too-good-to-be-true. If you still don’t get it, the returns are not true. Well for some maybe it is, for the first few rounds, to entice more people of course, then eventually the pyramid collapses.

According to the source article, Pluggle promises returns of 30% to 100% in just a matter of 12 days. Whew. Sweet.

But wait, there’s more! There’s always more.

Juan automatically gets P100 upon registration, P100 every time you log-in to your online account, P100 for every recruited member, P60 per log-in of recruited members (downlines), P400 for each pairing of downlines up to the 10th level, and P100 for every pair in the binary structure. (Whatever that means.)

Just keep on logging in and you’ll earn! How easy can that be? Juan can get all these by signing up through a sponsored link (existing members) and by paying a membership of P1,000 using bitcoins. Bitcoins huh?

Makes me wonder if the company is just cashing in on the bitcoins speculation and want to accumulate more. Gotta admit they are pretty clever and cunning. As of yesterday, I think bitcoin is trading at $5000 so any company who can accumulate bitcoins and trade it in this speculative environment can really cash in on the price surges. But question is, for how long? Returns in trading, especially speculative trading, is never guaranteed so how can the company deliver on the promised outrageous guaranteed returns?

So be careful friends.


This is classic pyramiding without much to show on where they will get the outrageous returns to sustain the company operations. Well they can always get the income from the “investments” of new members right? Yup, that’s how the structure collapses soon enough, leaving those late in the game carrying the empty bag.

Tyrion Lannister

As a wise man once said, not the one above,

10Steps Quote - Pyramiding

(Quote from the #10Steps ebook)

Well Pluggle even beats this. They don’t deliver in a matter of months, but in just 12 days. Wow. Super attractive right? Careful guys.

Pluggle FB


I know some (or most) of us have negative experiences or connotation on how rabid networking pips can be but hey, networking is not so bad as pyramiding. Networking can be sustainable, albeit admittedly, not the cup of tea for most of us. Consider below,

Again, guys be careful and be judicious in where you invest your hard earned money. Below is the link for the source article:

Source article: SEC warns against Pluggle “investment scheme”

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