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Three Ways to Earn Travel Points without Spending Much and Fast

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“The slow and steady wins the race”. We’re sure you have heard of this proverb from the popular story of “The Hare and the Tortoise”. Sadly, when it comes to collecting frequent travel miles, this does not apply. What if you are planning to take a long trip and need to accumulate enough points to get a free flight? What if you are planning to travel free “now” but do not have enough points to cover the cost?

Wait! Even though you don’t have enough points, you can still travel for free by doing something quite simple. Following are three ways that will allow you to collect points fast over time or in just 15 minutes:

1. Loyalty is the Most Rewarding Policy

How many loyalty programs have you signed up for?

Which airline do you use the most for travelling?

These two questions are crucial in buying additional frequent flyers points. To earn more points and a bonus, you need to be loyal to a program. Yes, in some cases, you can get your points transferred, but there are some airlines that are not partnered. So, in order to accumulate more points in one account, choose the same airline and stay in the same hotel, as recommended by the travelling agent. This will allow you to earn more points in a short time.

2. Sign Up for Bonus Miles Credit Card

You don’t need to fly to earn travel points. You can earn them by making ordinary purchases too. A credit card company that has paired with an airline allows you to earn points even when you are not travelling. However, when making purchases, do not go overboard so much that by the end of the month, you are unable to pay the bill. If this happens, then your points will be lost.

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3. Buying Additional Frequent Flyers Points

Say the next flight you are taking costs 47,000 points. However, you have only 43,000 points in your card. If you are thinking of paying for your flight with cash, then wait a minute because there’s another way. You can buy points to get a total of 47,000 points to travel free. The extra 4,000 points will not cost you much and will still be less as compared to paying for the flight with cash. When buying additional frequent flyer points, you need to remember that it’s always better to cover a small margin of points rather than buying a huge number. The goal here is to spend no money at all.

While signing up for multiple loyalty programs is a great way to earn more points, the same cannot be said for bonus points in credit cards. Do not buy more than two credit cards or you will find difficulty in managing the accounts and making the payments on time.

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  1. Expect The Exceptional says:

    Within the last 2 months we opened one Southwest Rapid Rewards credit cards for our small business, and one for personal reasons. Both rewarded us with 60,000 points after spending just $2000 and the annual fee which is charged immediately is just $69. Within a month we had enough points for $1300 worth of giftcards (10,000 points is the equivalent of a $100 gift-card, we chose Amazon for Christmas shopping purposes) and we were also able to receive the companion pass for the following 15 months. Not bad considering this is money that we were going to spend anyway.

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