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The 10 Proven Steps Juan Must Take to a Richer Life(4-min read)

I’m very much excited and pleased to officially launch the following, meant for every Juan:

  • #10Steps e-book
  • #3M #MYMB e-modules
  • Opportunity for Referral Income

#10Steps: The 10 Proven Steps to a Richer Life

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The 10 Proven Steps to a Richer Life is an e-book that provides a practical framework on how Juan can journey to financial freedom, neatly summarized in 10 steps.

  • Are you Juan of the following?
    • Juan who aspires to have a better future?
    • Juan who’s committed to being rich (not just getting rich) via investments?
    • Juan who’s been working hard yet see minimal financial progress?
    • Juan who’s a hardworking OFW, and has many dependents?
    • Juan who’s a breadwinner? Juan who wants to be the tipping point of the family’s finances?
    • Juan who wants to get rich but confused whether God is ok with it?
  • Introducing W.I.S.E.R. P.I.N.O.Y.™, the 10 proven steps to a richer life
  • Know the first step towards financial freedom, and why investing does not begin and end with money
  • Know the first 6 steps before you start investing your hard-earned money
  • Lengthy discussion on diverse investment options for every Juan (high yield deposits, managed funds, bonds, stocks, etc.), for budgets as low as P1,000, suitable to low risk to high risk appetites
  • More than 10 Chapters, 360 pages. Readable via PDF and e-book readers


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#3M #MYMB: Money Management Modules – Manage Your Money Better


The Money Management Modules are interactive modules, questionnaires, workbooks and calculators meant to boost Juan’s financial and money quotient (FQ), covering a wide array of topics. It comes in 5 volumes, containing more than 30 educational modules:

  • Vol. 1: Getting Started, Mindset, Investment OHA™
    • (Contents Preview: Start-Up Questionnaire, Rich or Poor Mindset)
  • Vol. 2: Money Goal, Growth, Retirement, Expense Calculators
    • (Contents Preview: Expenses Rationalization, Money Goal Calculator, Retirement Fund Simulator)
  • Vol. 3: Stocks, Bonds, & Managed Funds Templates
    • (Contents Preview: Managed Funds Tracker, Stocks Position Sizing, Stocks Quick FA Analysis)
  • Vol. 4: Loans, Credit Cards, Business Feasibility Calculators
    • (Contents Preview: Loans Scenario Calculator, Business Feasibility Calculator)
  • Vol. 5: Personal SALN Templates
    • (Contents Preview: Personal SALN Entries and Tracker)
    • Bonus: Download Links to 25 other e-books on Personal Finance, Stocks,  Charting, Money Mindset, including the following:
      • How to Make Money in Stocks
      • One Up on Wall Street
      • Outliers
      • Rich Dad, Poor Dad
      • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
      • The Harmonic Trader
      • The Intelligent Investor
      • Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard

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The modules are a great level-up in managing one’s finances, useful for every day use, generating insights, learning and tracking investments, and very educational to those in their journey to financial freedom. With #3M, manage your money better (#MYMB). Modules are MS Excel based and best viewed in a desktop or laptop.

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The following are the updated packages:

  • PLATINUM Package (PHP499)
    1. #10Steps e-book
    2. #3M #MYMB e-modules
    3. Qualify for Referral Program
    4. FREE Unli consultation
    5. FREE #SExD101 e-book worth P100!
    6. FREE 25 personal finance and stocks ebooks
  • BLACK Package (PHP349)
    1. #10Steps e-book only
    2. Qualify for Referral Program
    3. FREE Unli consultation
  • TITANIUM Package (PHP219)
    1. #3M #MYMB e-modules only
    2. Qualify for Referral Program
    3. FREE 25 personal finance and stocks ebooks
    4. FREE Unli consultation
  • CLASSIC Package (No fee required)
    • Qualify for Referral Program ONLY
    • Just fill-out the order form to get your personalized voucher code

To enjoy discounted rates, you may get a voucher code from those who already bought their copies of the #10Steps and #MYMB. NO VOUCHER CODE, NO DISCOUNT, original price shall apply.

You will get your own voucher code once you avail of #10Steps and/ or #3M yourself (Platinum, Black, Titanium or Classic Packages) and you may use such voucher code to promote the #10Steps and #3M and earn a referral income for every member who avails.

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Alternatively, you may visit our ONLINE STORE.

#10Steps #3M Referral Income

Aside from getting #10Steps and #3M with a huge discount, there’s also a additional income opportunity for you! Every Juan who avails of any package listed above will get a personalized voucher code upon email delivery of their order.

Use this voucher code to tell your friends about #10Steps and #3M, and how it can improve their money IQ and fast track their journey to a richer life. Share brief overviews of #10Steps and #3M on your social media accounts and include your voucher code for your friends’ use. Earn referral income from any Juan who avails of #10Steps or #3M using your voucher code, depending on what package they will avail.

To give us time to validate payments and compute referral income for each voucher code used, payouts of referral income will be every 30th of the month, starting September 30, 2017, and every 30th thereafter.

To manage volume of transactions, total referral income for the month should be PHP200 or higher to be included in the regular month-end payout. If you do not reach this minimum amount, worry not, we’ll just accumulate your referral income and pay it out once it reaches PHP200 or more. Expect an email from us to arrange the referral income payment details. You may also send us a PM or email to inquire about your referral income balance (but please not everyday).

Once again, don’t just learn TO earn from #10Steps and #3M, likewise, learn AND earn.

May you have a richer life!

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