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Support Start-Ups Program – Promote Your Start-Up Business Now

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As promised, I’m formally launching our Support Start-Ups Program (#SupSUP). Nothing big, nothing fancy, just our small humble way to promote and support Filipino business start-ups and small businesses out there.


  • We’re giving away FREE advertisements to qualified start-up businesses. Get to display an image of your business on our sidebars (home page and article page) (a.k.a. “business banner”) and have these images linked to your website, Facebook page or wherever in the web you want them.
SupSup Home

Place your ad for free in our home page

SupSup Sidebar

Same ad appears on the sidebar of article pages

  • For this initial launch, the business banner shall be displayed for a minimum of 30 calendar days then replaced by another featured business. Display time may be lessened eventually (depending on number of businesses awaiting to be featured) but in no way will be shorter than 14 calendar days.
  • The business owner qualified for #SupSUP may also send us a guest post to provide details on their businesses (products, services, best practices, inspirations, etc). Some guide questions may also be provided. This feature article shall be published perpetually and shall be sent out to all our subscribers. The guest article shall also be for FREE. The guest article need not be long or complicated. After all, simplicity is beauty.
  • Previous start up businesses we featured before are as follows:


  • Must be a small start up business (sole proprietor, partnership or corporation)
  • Either selling online, or has a physical store, catering to customers nationwide, worldwide or in the local area
  • Formally registered or not with LGUs, we’re fine with it.
  • Not in any way selling products and services related to gambling, sexual, adult-content, vices, alcohol, etc
  • Not related to multi-level networking, or a franchised business, or an agency / re-seller of a bigger business (Why? Because this means you are representing a bigger business which should have a bigger budget for marketing. We’re after those who are representing themselves and their start-up only. Give chance to others.)
  • Defnitely no get-rich-quick-schemes and scams.
  • Other criteria that may be deemed necessary by us upon our review. Don’t worry, for those we decline to feature in #SupSUP, we will keep your application information confidential.
  • Please note that we are not guaranteeing any increased sale or revenue from this program. Likewise, we are not duty-bound to provide site statistics with regards to your ongoing free promotion. Nonetheless, we guarantee additional online exposure for your start-up business.


  • To support start-ups per se
  • To give small businesses another venue to promote their business, and to take advantage of the thousands of page views we get per month
  • To learn from their business lessons
  • To inspire other start-ups
  • To connect readers who are investment- and business-minded to those who dared take the plunge to the business world


  • Send us an email via Ask Geri, give us a brief description of your business, and a link to your website, online store, etc. You may also send us pictures that will be used for your business banner.
  • If you have a ready feature article, feel free to send it in as well for our review. Otherwise we can discuss it after your initial email.

What are you waiting for? Promote your business start-up through us now!

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