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Tips for Women to Nail That Big Career Change

Tips for Women to Nail That Big Career Change
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Are you unsatisfied with your current job? Are you looking to make a career change? Don’t think you have to stay put out of security. You deserve to be fulfilled in your work. Here are some tips on taking that big career change risk.


If you think you should spend a lot of time crafting a great resume and cover letter and then never think about it again, you’re missing a big opportunity. Your resume and your cover letter should both be living, breathing documents that can change depending on the job or the company you’re currently pursuing.

“Yes, your new resume is lovely. Your LinkedIn profile, breathtaking. However, if they don’t position you as a direct match for a particular role that you’re gunning for, don’t be afraid to modify wording, switch around key terms, and swap bullet points in and out. Your resume is not a tattoo, nor is your LinkedIn profile,” says

When constructing your resume/cover letter, you should use the job posting as a guide. If the job posting keeps mentioning a certain word or phrase, it may be smart to use that word or phrase when you talk about your skills and accomplishments. There’s a chance that your resume will go through a quick screening process before you’re even seriously considered for the job. Make it stand out by giving the company what they want to hear. You know you’re great and qualified, but you need to make sure they know it upon first glance as well!



If you’re out of work for any period of time, you may be anxious to start fresh with a brand new job. But you want to make sure that you find the right job at a good company that cultivates a safe culture of equality and that treats its employees well. You need to know that you will be valued and happy in your new career.

If the HR liaison or anyone else you speak with at the company is not prompt and courteous on the phone, in emails, or in person, it may be a red flag. If they are not willing to accommodate your schedule, act put out by any of your requests, or simply have a tough time responding to your verbal or written inquiries, you may want to look elsewhere.

“Your treatment during the hiring process is a clue as to how you’ll be treated as an employee. Once you’ve started a dialogue with a hiring manager or recruiter, you should expect to be treated with courtesy and respect,” says

Take a tour around the workspace. Talk to employees. You can tell a lot about company culture by what you spot on a walkthrough. Are people happy and communicating well? Or is there hostility and unhappiness? You’re making a big move, and you deserve to work in a great environment!

Tips for Women to Nail That Big Career Change


If it’s taking you some time to find the perfect fit, that’s ok! You should be picky. It’s your career, after all. But during that downtime you may find yourself a bit strapped for cash. Since your full time job is looking for your new job, you can make use of flexible money-making opportunities provided by the sharing economy.

Depending on your skills, you could freelance or even work as a dog walker. These flexible jobs allow you to set your own price and hours and gain the experience of running your own business, which will look great on your resume.

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About the Author: Gloria Martinez is a college professor turned business owner who knows the ups and downs women face when advancing their careers. She believes that despite the dismal statistics on women in the workplace, there are actually many industries and jobs– from UX specialists to HR professionals to nurse practitioners–where women are thriving and being well-paid for their efforts, and that it is important to celebrate these women-dominated industries.

She created to educate people about the many women-led achievements that have shaped our world.


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