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Snap Your Grocery Receipts for Cash Rebates

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Many of us avail of loyalty or membership cards to gain points and rebates from our suki mall, supermarket, coffee shop, restaurant, drug store etc. As long as we don’t overdo these memberships, and we really patronize these stores, then I see nothing wrong with it. As long as we really gain something more than the annual membership fee we paid for it. As long as it is not an unnecessary expense. The question of need vs want in buying items from these stores is another matter though.

Further, if on the contrary, we avail of memberships left and right on a whim, paying all those membership fees yet we don’t get to maximize the supposed benefits, then I suggest you reconsider renewing such membership.

Right now, the catch is, each store has its own membership card, its own membership fee. What we need is more of the universal membership cards which earns various points in as many stores as possible while minimizing the membership fees.

Here’s a good one, this time it is an app, and it allows you to earn rebates / cash-back from your grocery and supermarket purchases. Regardless of which grocery / supermarket you purchased it from. It also accepts purchases from convenience stores. Plus, no membership fees! Introducing Snapcart.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not paid to write this, (I wish I was). I am just sharing another small way to gain extra cash out of our receipts, which we have anyway for our weekly / monthly purchases. Another source of passive income. Just need an extra step to take pictures of the receipts. Don’t expect much either, but like all rebates, these small amounts add up in time into something significant. The bonus is, unlike typical membership cards, you get to use it as actual cash credited to your bank account, and not just as cash credits for purchase in the same store chain.

Download the Snapcart app from Google PlayStore (as of this writing, the app is available only in Android but the iPhone version is already in the works). Make sure you download the app for the Philippines, create an account and start snapping those receipts.

The receipts shall be reviewed (i.e. subject to approval), and the more you snap per week, the higher your level gets. Higher level means bigger rebates for the same receipt amount.


Here’s a screenshot from the app on how they compute for the rebate based on the receipt amount and the participating products from the receipt you submitted. Note that these are just guides and the app determines the actual rebate amount.


Caveat emptor. Beware. Since you have to take a picture of the whole receipt, just make sure any pertinent personal information is not divulged in the receipt. So far, most groceries show the masked credit card number so I don’t think this will pose as a personal security threat to you. My guess is that they are analyzing our purchasing patterns of items manufactured by their company partners, for marketing and strategizing purposes.



Minimum to cash out is PHP200 and there is a PHP20 bank transfer fee. What I do is cash out as soon as I hit PHP200 since I want to ensure that the cash back indeed gets wired properly. I don’t want to accumulate a big amount since I’m still testing the trustworthiness and reliability of the app. I leave it up to you if you want to maximize the PHP20 bank transfer charges by accumulating bigger amounts before cashing out.

As for my first try, I snapped PHP21,000 worth of receipts (in 3 month’s time) and reached PHP220 in rebates. That’s around 1.06% rebate rate (not bad for taking pictures). I got the cash out credited to my bank account after 7 banking days. So far so good! Try it. I am now nearing PHP200 again but for less receipts since I am now nearing the Silver level.

Every peso saved is a peso earned, especially if you spend thousands and thousands in supermarket and convenience stores anyway.

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Photos are from the Snapcart app.

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  1. SirThriftsALot says: nice! Sir Thrifts A Lot approves!

  2. May says:

    Wow! Your site is a gold mine!

  3. Mayet says:

    This is nice. Hubby earns from snapcart while I earn from bonus points from SM advantage, suki cards etc. I think he even earns rebates faster than I do earn points.

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