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Build Your Finances Despite Being a Breadwinner

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Being a breadwinner in the family is not a joke and often, not a choice by the person involved. This entails financially providing for the members of the family who are both working and not working.

While this sounds like a noble thing to do and is in line with the Filipino culture, there are personal financial downsides of being a breadwinner.

You will find it hard to save money unless you make a concrete plan with your family regarding saving for your future.

Many breadwinners like myself know the burden of not being able to save money. This does not have any immediate implications but in the long run, this will definitely work against us.

What can breadwinners do in order to save money and get your financial situation in good shape?



There will be times that there will be instances that your family members will not understand that despite an increase in income, for example, that you need to be frugal in order to save money for your long-term goals.

Talk to your other family members about your current financial status and ask if they can also help out in earning for the family. Working members of the family can get a part-time job and  the children can help out on production of goods that you can sell.


What are the expectations of other family members in terms of what you can provide for the family? There can be various scenario regarding this such as the primary breadwinner dying, loss of income by the breadwinner, or lost profit in the family business.

Set their expectations on what lifestyle you can provide them and what other ways they can help to save you money for both your family and your future. If your family is used to a lavish lifestyle but now has to adjust because of you, you can talk to them to let them know of the situation.


You cannot be the only one working for your family. This can be done by having investments while simultaneously working your job or business.

The first step to achieving this is to get educated and have an overview of how investments can help you reach your financial goals. To save money while learning about this, you can attend free financial seminars and read financial publications online. This can help you learn more on which investments fit your goals and your budget.



Building an emergency fund can give you a concrete number of how much you have saved for yourself. There are times when you will be tempted to get money from your emergency fund in order to make ends meet. Just know which is the fine line on what you consider as an emergency so you do not spend on unnecessary things.



Being a breadwinner can give you a rewarding feeling but you need to look out for yourself. Secure your future in the same way that you are looking out for your family members.

Are you or anyone you know a breadwinner? The trick is to learn more about personal finance and investments, and encourage Juan’s dependents to learn and practice the same. Share this article breadwinners you know.

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Guest Author Bio:

Kyle Kam is from, a financial comparison website aiming to help Filipinos save money through diligent comparisons of financial products. Follow him on twitter @undisputedkyle


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