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SMDC Grace Residences Lily Turnover Updates

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The past few days, I’ve been seeing increased views and clicks on previous posts about Grace Residences, the latest of which you can read here. Perhaps dear readers are eager to hear about the good news as well. You are not alone.

From this June 5 article, I also commented that as of Dec 16 call to customer service, we were advised that turnover calls for residents of Lily (Tower 2) are about to start by mid-Dec2016. Tower 2 is scheduled for turnover by Dec2016. The customer service further mentioned that the calls and emails will start for lower floors first, upwards, but there is no guarantee that all floors will be turned over by Dec 31. 🙁

December 2016 came and went, we are now 4 days into Jan 2017, and yours truly and the charitable Ilocana are still waiting for our own call and email. Our units are located in the middle floors of the midrise building and we are eagerly waiting for the call as we want to move in as soon as possible, to significantly lessen travel time, avoid daily traffic, and be able to pursue other worthwhile things (sleep, exercise, grow businesses, study stocks, blog, cuddle (eew)) instead of travel for hours just to get home. My Excel-based countdown, shown below, now features #VALUE and computation errors, originally based on counting down to Dec 31, 2016. It’s now negative 4 days haha!


Naturally we called SMDC customer service a couple of times to bug them about our units and pressure them, after all we are already done with our down payment, and actually paying a few months amortization already with our bank loans. Don’t get me wrong, we are not irate or complaining. Not yet. Impatiently excited yes. A few days or weeks delay is bearable, since we’ve been waiting for 4 years now, but with the right amount of pressure, hopefully the wait until 31Jan2017 won’t be necessary. We’re still okay given the horror stories we heard about other developers that were many years delayed in starting construction, worse in turnover, as the unit-owners already lost hope in seeing and using the units they invested in.

As of 03Jan2017 call to customer service, the latest advise is that indeed, turnover of lower floors have started. As for our units located in 9th to 12th floors, the units are already queued in Engineering department already for final unit inspections, after which will be immediately queued for customer service outbound calls and emails. The target, pegged on their system, for our units at least, is 31 Jan 2017.


So we wait again, but hopefully not until 31 Jan 2017. Still hoping to get that call within a few hours, days or a week from now. They say, the marathon (I don’t run by the way) gets hardest when Juan can already see the finish line. Psychological perhaps. Or that it is darkest just a few moments before dawn (this one I believe since it makes sense, physics-wise). So maybe the waiting gets a bit agitating when you can already sense Grace is coming in a while. Below is now the revised countdown, hopefully the last revision:


How about your unit? Still waiting or turned-over already? Let me know!

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126 Responses

  1. Geri says:

    Hi Mitch, so far so good though we have long managed our expectations. Staff and guards ate courteous and helpful. Sometimes corridor smells of food though but it’s the responsibility of unit owners. Join the FB groups of owners you’ll find more info and interaction there!

  2. Geri says:

    Grace Mall updates opening tomorrow. Based on the promo posted in the elavator, here’s a partial list of stores in the Grace Mall:
    Kuya J
    Classic Savory
    Hot Kitchen
    Asia’s Lashes
    David’s Salon
    H2O to Go

  3. Geri says:

    Also the “Grace Mall” as it is called will open this week. There are parking slots in front of BDO and Grace Mall though not sure if they will offer it as paid parking. Because if they do, the slots might run out!

    • Anonymous says: you Geri! Appreciate your replies. Let’s hope so, I’m really disappointed at how SMDC marketed Grace Residences as something of a ‘luxurious’ property yet failed at every level to deliver expectations esp at how crappy the receivables look like. Oh well.. I’m hoping everything else wouldn’t be too bad when I see them myself. Lol.

      Anyway, I’m looking forward to your updates on “Grace Mall”. Awesome blog you have here going!

  4. Geri says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I think we managed our expectations well enough so we have high tolerance of certain issues. So far. Lol!

    Guests have temporary parking in the open areas in the vicinity of the buildings but they are asked to leave their hazard lights on. And they are for a short time only. Homeowners don’t have tempo parking since they won’t be there temporarily. From what i know (though I’m not the admin) if a homeowner did not avail of the parking slot in tower 1, then he’ll have to look for parking outside the Grace compound or rent a parking slot from those who lease it. Suggest you join the FB groups too. Good discussions there.

  5. Cecile says: na daw ang Tower 2 building, I have unit on 23rd Floor but no one actually confirmed yet kung tapos na ang lahat ng units from SMDC. Although one of the agents says na nag start na raw ang turnover this month.

  6. Geri says:

    June 29 11 am opening of Grace Mall. Let’s see if it really feels like a mall. Lol!

  7. Geri says:

    Dropped by the commercial area to see ongoing works. There’s BDO pero 8 to 5 lng sila Monday to Friday basedsa signage sa door.

    Then according to the guard on duty, there will be Alfamart, Montalbo, LBC, Kuya J, Classic savory, Davids salon. I would prefer a bigger grocery though.

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