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Just found out about this recently, as we saw the site referring page views to our home page. Turns out the feature article was written April 2016. Still better late than never:

Thank you for including us in your Top 40 Business Blogs in the Philippines article! (To see the full article, click here.)

The article includes heavy weight names so the mere mention of our site makes our small efforts on educating Filipinos very much worthwhile.

Here’s what they had to say about the site:

Investment Juan-01

The anonymous Filipino male writer calls himself “Geri.” Geri is a stocks trader and an entrepreneur who blogs about financial know-hows, especially wise investments towards financial freedom. Apart from regular blog posts, Geri has an investments beginner’s guide that you can join in.

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Well months ago I used to be anonymous but lately not anymore. Nonetheless, rest assured we’ll continue with our efforts to educate as many Juans as possible on personal finance, investments, entrepreneurship, etc.

And yes, every Juan is very much welcome to join our Newbie Guide. Just click here.

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May more and more Pinoys have richer lives!

Photos are from the abovementioned Apex Global article.

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