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FREE Webinar on Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) From PSE and FMETF.

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Here’s another free webinar session to learn more about exchange traded funds.

ETFs are a good way to be invested in various stocks  (in the case of FMETF, the whole index) as it acts like a basket of equities and it is faster to transact since Juan can buy and sell in the PSE instead of contacting your fund managers or banks (in the case of UITF and mutual funds).

From the email of PSE Academy:

The webinar will be on December 16, Friday, 3:30-5:00PM (PHL time). Interested participants may register via this link:

The webinar will provide an overview of Exchange-Traded Funds and their advantages that help investors reach their financial goals. During the webinar, you will get real-time assistance with your questions from the PSE and FMETF teams.


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