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Member Benefits of Truly Rich Club 2.0

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I call it Truly Rich Club 2.0 because of two things:

One, Bo Sanchez and Truly Rich Club (TRC) improved the look of the site for its existing members (like me), and members to be. They made it look more hip and more appealing to millennials who undeniably spend more time in the web compared to older generations.

Two, it has more sulit and panalo benefits and blessings than when I first joined 3 years ago.

It’s been more than one year since I last wrote about Truly Rich Club. Much has changed with the site but the reliable benefits and services I get remain solid and very helpful in this challenging path towards financial freedom. In fact they added more benefits to new members who will sign-up (Click here for the site).

I will just briefly enumerate here the 16 benefits (what Bo calls as Blessings) of being a TRC member, but really it’s hard to describe the blessings in very few words. And oh, before that, let me tell you some secrets: Bo also sends members free copies of his other books as Christmas gifts. And he gives member discounts to his future live talks! He won’t tell you in the site of course, especially the surprise books).

Anyway, back to the 16 blessings. The site does more justice in providing visually enticing explanations of each one, but since you’re already here, I’ll give you a sneak peek:

Blessing #1: PowerTalks Every Month

Inspirational recorded messages from Bo covering various areas of life, designed to uplift our weary spirits.

Blessing #2: Success Mentors Collection

Bo will not be successful right now without the help of his mentors. Business and success-oriented books will also tell you to surround yourself with mentors. We should do the same: find mentors, surround ourselves with successful people and emulate how they do it. With this blessing we get to benefit from the wisdom imparted by Bo’s mentors too!

Blessing #3: Wealth Strategies

Newsletter on strategies to grow our wealth (the truly rich way) as we journey closer towards our financial freedom.

Blessing #4: God’s Whispers

Daily inspirational messages straight to your mailbox, to inspire you, uplift you, remind you, of God’s love and abundant blessings He has in store for us, waiting to be claimed! (Click here to claim your TRC blessings now.)

Blessing #5 How to be Truly Rich Audio Seminar

For me, this was the catch years ago to becoming a member. I have read Bo’s books but haven’t attended any of his talks / seminars (this talk costs $210 when you attend live), so to be able to hear his seminar and feel as if I was there is a blessing indeed. I will also share more about this in a future post, since being financially free, especially for Pinoys, is not just about money IQ but also about spiritual and mental readiness.

Blessing #6 and #7 Two E-books!

Get e-book copies of two of his books: How to Conquer Your Goliath and How to Turn Thoughts into Things. I’ve bought some of his paperback books so I have an idea how much these cost, but here you get two if you become a member.

Blessing #8 Affiliate Marketing for TRC

Once you become a member, you can freely invite other friends to become a member as well and enjoy the blessings you get daily / monthly etc. Out of your own free will, not compulsory as a member. But what’s stopping you from sharing a good news right?

If they sign-up through you, you get commissions. Good source of passive income, and with this alone, you can already get 100% ROI of your monthly / annual membership. Plus, you get to bless other people with better money IQ and deeper spirituality. Click here if you want to earn via affiliate marketing too.

Blessing #9 Affiliate Marketing for Other Internet Work

Bo is not only engaged with Truly Rich Club but he also has other internet works where members subscribe. If your peers don’t find TRC appealing, or just portions of it, maybe they will find the following more helpful:

Blessing #10: E-book on My Maid Invests in the Stock Market

Very friendly read especially for those who are just starting to be interested in the stock market. A recent article came out that Bo’s maid is actually now a millionaire, probably richer than me and you. If you are to explain the stock market to kids and non-professionals / blue-collar workers, this is a good way to do it. Very friendly for stock market newbies too.


Blessing #11: Monthly Stocks Update

Bo and Sir Mike Vinas of COL Financial releases a regular list of stocks that are suggested to members who are into stocks trading. They employ strategic cost-averaging method so the key is to buy at regular intervals (usually monthly) until the target prices are hit (or if there are developments that warrant a “Stop buying” recommendation). Market and stocks analyses are also provided, worded in layman’s terms friendly for those who don’t like technical readings. Here, you have the whole TRC group with you throughout various stocks investments. And oh boy, their choices are indeed winners!

Blessing #12: Term Life Insurance (NEW!)

When I first started 3 years ago this feature did not exist yet. Now for members who will pay an annual membership, aside from getting 20% discount (compared to monthly), they will also enjoy a PHP100K term insurance for the next 12 months. Not bad huh? All these benefits, then a PHP100K term insurance as icing on top?!? So this year, I availed of the annual membership.

Blessing #13: Mobile App (NEW!)

This feature also did not exist years ago. Now members can access the blessings enumerated above (via MP3 downloads) through the app. I used to access these through the website, but now it’s more accessible and on the go! Great for those who need patience while stuck in traffic.

Blessing #14: Exclusive Facebook Group (NEW!)

Find a support group in this members only FB group. Find your peers in the app you frequent the most!

Blessing #15: Monthly Mastermind Meeting (NEW!)

It’s like the eyeball for TRC members. Meet and greet other members, network and explore more opportunities with like-minded individuals.

Blessing #16: TRC Affiliate Marketing Banners and Email Swipes

Need help to maximize blessing #9 above? TRC shall provide you with relevant pics and links you can easily post in social media or your website. They also have suggested and templated email articles you can send to your circle to invite them and share with them the good news.

All these for just P497 a month. Need more convincing? Visit the website to know more.

Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you become a member of TRC, please don’t forget me and subscribe to us via email. Ours is free (for now!). Just enter your email below:


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May you have a truly rich life!

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