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Dividends! Better than Bank Time Deposits(1-min read)

Just wanted to share the good news. Our first tranche of SMC Preferred shares dividends already came in! The payments are quarterly so its been 3 months since we availed. You may check here for the related post on SMC Preferred Shares.

These are not big amounts, but definitely we “felt” the earnings compared to placing the same amount in bank time deposits. We had two subscriptions, one via online broker (i.e. COL Financial) and the other via a local bank.

One can still buy preferred shares in the secondary market (i.e. via COL Financial) but selling price per share is already market driven (and not the original issue price of PHP75/sh). Still, if this presents you a better option compared to what you’re familiar with right now (bank time deposits), might be worth considering right?

We’re on the lookout for future offerings of corporate bonds (usually minimum PHP50K) and preferred shares. Hopefully from other companies as well (for better diversification), with similar or higher rates (why not).

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