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Much Better than Time Deposit: Corporate Bonds

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Here’s another investment option. This time these are bonds (liability of the company) instead of preferred shares (company selling part-ownership of the company). This one’s being issued by SMC Global Power Holdings, which is a subsidiary of SMC, the one who issued the preferred shares we featured in March.

Now we leave it up to you if you feel like SMC or its subsidiaries is issuing so much debt, or getting debt to repay older debts. That’s among the risks you need to consider. Consider as well the risk of bankruptcy of SMC Global Power, vis-a-vis the possible income your investment can get per annum.

But if you’re still interested, just read along for the specifics.

Got below details from Security Bank. Since we availed SMC preferred shares from them, the branch manager was kind enough to offer us again this investment option. If you’re interested, just inquire with the nearest Security Bank branch, or if you prefer other banks, then inquire if they also have this investment opportunity. For sure this is not only limited to SB Capital.

Note that interest rates quoted here are still ranges, and it shall be finalized this coming week.

Here’s the timelines you need to consider. Please note that this may still change so best to inquire directly with your preferred banks. According to our friendly bank manager, funds must be available by June 17.

All details here are from Security Bank (PSE: SECB).

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