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Cebu Pacific, Uber and Grab Rebrand, New Logos

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I’ve always been fascinated by company and brand logos. The creativity, symbolism, the tone and seriousness, plus the subliminal messaging it contains.

Pretty much like brand names, logos of companies or (entities in general) are everything that’s why they even hire consultants or create contests just to come up with new logos, new identity.

Two recent changes are from competitors Uber and Grab (used to be Grab Taxi). Not sure if they got wind of the other’s plan to rebrand but both changes came just a few days after the other.

These businesses are growing, and so identity must be established, asserted and polished if necessary. What started as apps are now fast-becoming global giants. Likewise, if they want to be treated seriously and exude a professional feel, then changing the graphical representation of themselves makes sense.

Make Extra Money Behind the Wheel.

Use Your Car and Be Your Own Boss.

Uber changed it’s logo from a letter “U” to a network looking logo. First noticed this when the app on my phone updated. Read an article about it and basically, the company wants to expand its services, its identity. Here’s an article discussing Uber’s change.

I haven’t used Grab Taxi but I usually see its logos, well plastered on taxi cabs. I’m also quite familiar that there are other variants such as GrabCar, GrabBike etc. So no surprises then when I heard from the news that GrabTaxi has rebranded to Grab, a more general name which encompasses the various services it offers (and maybe will offer in the future). Pretty much similar to Uber.
Likewise, when I hear of people availing of their service, they usually say “I booked Grab..” or “Mag-Grab na lang tayo instead na mag-drive.“. So in that sense people are actually using the shortcut version “Grab” as sort of a household name. Maybe its management heard. Here’s a related article on Grab’s rebranding.
The last one on Cebu Pacific (PSE:CEB) is not so recent (they changed last year) but I just noticed it last month since I’m not a frequent flyer. From the chubby-jolly airplane, its logo now looks like a serious bird, like an eagle, and it actually reminds me of the BSP logo (which also rebranded a few years back). Bottomline, it looks much more serious now as it continues to open new flights to various parts of the world.
It’s not longer just a budget airline for domestic flights, but a serious flag carrier bringing Pinoys and foreigners across the globe. Here’s an article straight from their website.
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