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Step By Step Guide on Land Title Transfer in the Philippines

Step By Step Guide on Land Title Transfer in the Philippines
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18Aug2016 Update: Before investing in real estate, please read this first: Invest in Property PROPERLY.


Wrote the posts way back in 2011 and until now, they are among the most read articles on this site. Most commented and inquired on too.

Wrote the posts based on my personal experience when I solely handled the title transfer of the house and lot we bought way back then.

I have observed that many still inquire about the steps, requirements among other things, maybe because Pinoys prefer to do this processing on their own, instead of outsourcing it to brokers, agents etc whose actual day job is to transfer titles.

Maybe because of the cost implications too.  And maybe because we have such a complicated, not newbie-friendly, inefficient and manual process that it really takes time, effort, and lots of online help and research to get the job done.

So here’s a hopefully improved version of the title transfer steps, plus the requirements, and where to go:

If you need to go back to my old (text heavy) articles about this, here are the links:

Another site I found helpful are as follows:


PS. Sometimes, outsourcing this task to experts provide benefits that outweigh the costs. Of course, they already know the ins and outs of the various offices involved in the process, they know who to talk to, and who to ask favors from (if you know what I mean). They know the people that matter. Especially in some provinces where bureaucratic red tape remains the norm.

PSS. If the property title is under certificate of land ownership award (CLOA), where the government has granted the owner a piece of land via the land reform program, transferring it to you gets a bit tricky since it has a 10-year lock-in clause, and it has additional requirements such as Landbank and Agrarian reform clearance.


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    hi can you post as well transferring title thru inheritance the process. thanks!

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