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Technical Analysis: Caveat Emptor

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Caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware. Time for me to sharpen my technical analysis skills.

Technical Analysis: Caveat Emptor
Since I started trading stocks in 2007 (and resumed stronger in 2012), I was more of a fundamentalist kind of investor for the long term because:
  • This suits my long-term investment horizon
  • This requires less time in terms of deciding
    what to buy, when to sell, and;
  • Definitely less time needed to monitor its price movements


Nonetheless, as the market seems to be headed south in the coming months, and as I become more comfortable with the market’s up and downs, I’ve decided to come up with my short term fund as well, my tsupitero fund like what Sir Miko Sayo has, which will mostly employ technical analysis.

As such, dear readers, please be guided accordingly. As follows are my disclosures and warning to you, and I shall refer to this post again and again, every time I post my technical analysis on specific stocks.

  • Caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware. Trade at your own risk.
  • I’m still a beginner in TA, as such I may make mistakes (like we all do), and there is no prefect trading plan. Proceed with caution. Baby steps. Hopefully I get to be a better analyst by end of 2016. Hopefully too I have enough balls to post even my wrong trades.
  • Since I’m still starting, the stocks I analyze will not necessarily be the basura stocks but hopefully in time I get there.
  • I’m sharing these for me to learn, and hopefully you too. TA needs a lot of practice and application. It can be costly too but since I plan to be a trader/investor until retirement, learning as soon as possible is necessary. Charge it to experience.
  • My posts will not necessarily be timely. I’m not sharing these for you to join me and buy such stock as well, but for me and you to learn various patterns, indicators, proper entry and exit etc. Conversely, I’m not obliged to tell you whether I still have exposure to such stock or have already exited.
  • My posts are not meant to hype the stock, not a recommendation to buy, just charting and technical analysis.
  • Compared to some who post millions on their gains and losses, I have a much smaller budget. As such I will hide most of the personal and financial information without sacrificing the content and point that I want to make. I’ll make sure though that Juan can still ascertain that the posts are factual and not made up just to brag.
  • Up to you to believe me or not. You may correct me or teach me via the comments section. Just be respectful please.
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