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Ask Geri: Investment Options for a College Student

2016 Investment Options and Strategies for Pinoys
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Hi Geri,

I’m a young college student studying at De La Salle University and I’m asking for advice about investments. I already have a few small businesses and I’m looking for new investments that would serve as my passive income. I’m already interested in investing in the piggery business but I am curious if there are other investment opportunities that you could recommend to me. 

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

– Marvin, via Ask Geri


Hi Marvin,

It’s good to hear that you’re already into investments and businesses while still in college. You belong to a very small minority of Filipinos who are privileged and enlightened to start early (me excluded from that fortunate minority).

As for investment options, I invite you to check out our Beginner’s Guide module and our investment options for newbies (or not so newbie such as you).

Afterwards, I’d like to highlight some items which might benefit you at such a young age.

1. VUL Insurance

The younger you start the better since it’s cheaper for young ones like you and since you don’t have dependents (yet). It shall also provide you passive income along the way once your fund value grows.

2. Stock Market

Coming from DLSU, and maybe into business course, you’ve probably encountered the stock market. This is also one of the fastest ways to grow your wealth, although one of the most risky too. So establish your less risky investment musts first then slowly study more risky ones such as stocks.

3. Business

You mentioned that you’re into small businesses already. Care to share what these are? If they provide you good returns, then there’s no harm in making them grow further. Once these businesses have grown to a scale that needs less monitoring, management and time from you as the owner, then that’s passive income too.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Do consider affiliate marketing because from my experience, they provide me a healthy amount of passive income. Right now, I’m getting healthy passive income from Truly Rich Club and from being a part-time Financial Consultant with an insurance firm.

5. Education

Whatever course you are in right now, your skills, marketability and time are all investments. As such make sure to hone your skills and talents while still in college, such that when you graduate, you either become an sought-for asset to a company, or a young competent leader of your businesses.
Goodluck and hope to hear updates from you.
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