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Ask Geri: Should I Leave My Day Job and Start a Piggery?

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Hi Geri,

Hi, I hope you can provide some insights here. 🙂 I am currently working in a big company earning more than enough money every month for a single person like me. However, I never thought of being an employee my whole life so I am thinking of starting up a piggery in our province (Quezon). Just want to ask if piggery business can be my permanent job? I know it will depend on how much I am willing to shell out but if for example, I have 250k – what can I do with it in terms of starting up my piggery? Hope to see your response in my email soon. Thanks!

– RR via Ask Geri


Hi RR,

Never thought that the piggery posts I started last year will be one of the most read and most inquired about article. Apparently, many Filipinos really want to have livestock investments on the side or maybe as full time source of income.

I’ve written a number of articles on this and here’s one which might help you: Reader Queries on Piggery Business. After this, I also invite you to browse our Business and Entrepreneurship category for more related articles on piggeries. Likewise, my first try did not yield much returns, so in that sense, quitting my day job for the piggery was not an option.


As for your other queries, it will be good to get your passive income stream up and running (such as a piggery in the province) while your are still gainfully employed. As such, if you have extra funds to invest (assuming you’ve covered the basics), then starting one is a good idea. I suggest though that you approach this with caution, and not to go all in, especially if you don’t have prior experience in running a piggery business. Or whatever business for that matter.

Your PHP250K will already go a long way in various investment tools, as long as you are careful in each and every investment. But then again, I suggest that you don’t quit too soon. Just enjoy your employed phase while building up your wealth, and various passive income streams on the side. When I started working, I also wanted to be on my own as soon as possible, but now, 8 years in the corporate world, I’ve learned to take it slow and to be more deliberate about it.

For me the time to quit my job is when my passive income stream is already way beyond my monthly wage as an employee. Some also quit their day jobs to focus on growing the business, but if you’re eyeing a piggery start-up, then it may not require full attention from you, especially if you don’t have much experience about it anyway. It will require full attention from people or relatives who already know the ins and out of the business, people you might be able to hire to help you out.

As they say, learn as much as you can from the corporate world while using up you employer’s money, before you use up your own. So while still employed, explore and invest in various investment and income streams.

Goodluck! May you have a richer life!

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