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Abundance Formula and Change Your Life in 30 Days

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A surprise Christmas gift just arrived this afternoon, must have gotten stuck with the post office. And now I just remembered I also got another surprise present last Christmas, another one of his books.

In 2013 I received Bo Sanchez’s The Abundance Formula while for 2014, I got How to Change Your Life In 30 Days.

Now I’m eager to finish these two new books. Bo’s books are all light easy reads, very engaging, short but never lacking in substance.

You see the bright yellow banner on the right side of this site?

Yes I am a member of Truly Rich Club. Been a member since January 2013, and if you ask me why, what do I get from being a member, here’s my answer.

More than the financial benefits via stock market guidance and additional passive income stream via affiliate marketing, I appreciate more the spiritual and motivational guidance that it gives me. Whether it be the daily words of faith or encouragement, or the monthly publications, and of course the audio books and recordings.

And in case you are wondering what a religious / spiritual mentor has to do with the stock market and financial freedom and being truly rich, I enjoin you to listen to his audio book on Secrets of The Truly Rich to personally find out why. There’s actually a lot more inspiration and instructional audio books available for every Juan.

You see, investments need not revolve around money. It’s actually way more than that. Personal finance does not end in financial freedom, it’s just the turning point to becoming truly rich in every aspect of life. If Juan is truly rich, Juan we can give more — more love, more faith, more of Juan’s self.

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Again, check Truly Rich Club and find out for yourself if it’s for you.
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