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Pope-Inspired Juan Liners: Personal Finance Quotes

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Every Juan’s beloved Pope Francis is now headed back to Vatican, leaving us to face our challenging realities, but armed with many blessings, words of inspiration, renewed faith and hope, and of course calls to loving action.
I don’t know, I may have been stricken by the Pope Francis Fever as I feel like I’m overflowing with words that I want to share with every Juan today. Realized as well that we’re halfway through 2015’s first month (just like that!), and as sort of reminder and boost for every Juan, to sustain that light feeling left by Pope Francis, I decided to compile some Pope-inspired personal finance quotes. 

These are either a product of my few witty moments, (with the help of divine inspiration), lines from previous posts and reflections, or quotes that I have read from various sources.

Yes, some families we know in the country may have wealth levels we can only dream of. But I believe every Juan has the capacity to change his/her family’s fortunes, starting from him/herself. The wealthy families that we know, the Sy’s, Ayala’s, Tan’s, etc, their wealth must have started from someone somewhere before reaching levels that we know of today. So can we. Ours can too, through us!


I always say great things take time to build and in investing and building wealth, time should be on our side, our ally. And we should not delay in making time our ally because time and life will not wait for us, it just keeps on running and flowing. So the sooner we start, the better.


Likewise, I always say we have to “work hard and work smart.” Not just either but both. In relation to this, I read from somewhere that “Luck is the offspring of Preparedness and Opportunity.” Successful people did not reach where they are not right now just in a wink of an eye, it was a process of good turns outnumbering the bad turns. Some will admit that they were blessed, that they got lucky, that they were at the right place at the right time. Looking closely though will reveal that they were able to grab the opportunities because they were prepared. That’s how they got lucky. They made the most out of every situation because they armed themselves to begin with. They allowed themselves to be blessed, they were open, and they knew how to maximize resources given to them. Just like the millions who waited to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis. They were blessed afterwards but they prepared for the opportunity by patiently and strategically waiting.

We should do the same. We should not wait for blessings and luck to fall on our laps, but rather pursue it, claim it, envision it, pray for it. Let us be armed and ready when golden opportunities arise, because they only pass by once in a while (split second in the case of Pope Francis), and they pass by for those who are ready.

Count Add Multiply Blessings

And eventually, as we keep on building our wealth, as we become more and more financially free and truly rich through addition, multiplication and subtraction, I hope we bring other people with us. We divide and share our blessings, our knowledge and wealth of information and material things to lift other lives, to change the lives of every Juan.


At the beginning of each day, as we slowly and patiently progress towards financial freedom, let us give thanks to the blessings and graces we have received, and remember that the overflowing good breaks and opportunities that we get cannot be just for our consumption, it cannot be just “this.” For sure, we are destined for something much more greater (use of too many comparatives and superlatives intentional). “We are meant to live for so much more…”, as a favorite song goes.

Sunrise on the Trossachs by  J McSporran

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Note: I don’t wish to claim ownership to quotes I don’t own, I just wish to impart the wisdom I gained from them. As such, if some of these quotes are actually originally yours (with proof), please get in touch with me for proper attribution.

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