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SMDC Grace Residences Updates: Construction Site Pictures

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While majority of our Catholic faithful, including me, is enjoying God’s grace and powerful reminders, (a.k.a. Pope Francis Fever) brought by the Philippine visit of Pope Francis, allow me to post some pictures and updates on another grace, this time Grace Residences in Taguig City of SMDC. Digging back, my last update was almost a year ago wherein only Tower 1 (Orchid) has started to take shape and Tower 2 (Lily) is still just a few floors high.


Oh and in case after reading this and seeing the pictures, you find the project interesting and worth considering, I’m helping my friend sell her unit. You may find details here. 
Got some time during the Christmas break to take a detour coming from a day trip in Batangas, headed Northbound via C-5 and I must admit that it surprised me to see the Lily Tower now very much visible from C-5. Naturally it got me excited and with 2015 now in full swing, 2016 turn-over is just around the corner. I really hope so.
Here’s what Tower 1, Orchid Tower, now looks like. Exterior is almost done and I think the construction is now focused more on the interiors, such as piping, electrical wiring etc. This building will contain most of the parking space for the 4 towers, plus a commercial area at the ground floor, and a few residential floors on top.

Another angle of the Orchid Tower.
Below is the Lily Tower (Tower 2) now and I think it has already reached the basic foundations of the top floor (mid-rise at just 20 floors). Of course there will be more furnishings necessary for this tower compared to Orchid since it has more floors, and it shall be fully residential (unlike Orchid which has multiple floors for parking spaces). Oh and I can already see my unit on the 12th floor!
Beside Lily Tower to the right of the picture is Tulip Tower (Tower 3) which has reached perhaps around construction of its 10th floor.
Here’s a more complete angle of the Tulip Tower, taken from the main driveway of the condominium grounds.


The space in between Tulip Tower and Orchid Tower will house the last tower, dubbed as Violet Tower. From our vantage point, it seems that construction has not yet started for Violet Tower. Or maybe some diggings for the foundations which we can’t see from the surface.

Based from the sales agent manning the Grace Residences showroom on-site, expected turn-over of Orchid Tower is 1H16 while Lily Tower is towards end of 2016. That means timelines have moved around 6 months later compared to initial timelines provided 2 years ago.
Will be finishing the 20% amortized down payment at 0% by Dec2015.
God’s grace in God’s time. ‘Til our next update.

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30 Responses

  1. Sofia says:

    Hi Guys,

    Any news if the turnover will push through on December?

    Thank you,

  2. Geri says:

    Hi Sofia, we went there in the site 2 weeks ago and they said the December timeline remains. However the agents in the showroom cannot commit specifically since a different division is handling the turnover. Was advised to wait for the email by December. Same story if you call customer service. Turnover will be by tranches. Tower 2 looks finished already from the outside so maybe they're working on the internal furnishings already.

    Story from Manong Guard in the showroom is that by March2017 the commercial area will be operational with grocery, dental, laundry and Mang Inasal. Meanwhile the area where showroom is now will become Starbucks. How true? We'll see.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, do you know how much is the assoc dues? We actually reserved a unit and have sent the post dated checks. I have read somewhere that it's 95Php/sqm! That's preposterous. I am currently living in a DMCI condo in Mandaluyong and I am just paying around 2500 for a 52sqm.

  4. Geri says:

    As long as you pay through proper channels (like banks or payment centers) and use your CIN, then it should be credited to your account. We're still hoping for a December turn-over and yes, our deadline for bank financing (Lily tower) is also within Dec2016.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi. We recently requested to extend our downpayment until turnover date. Fortunately, our requests was granted and they extended our downpayment until December 5. Then we were informed that our lump sum balance is due on December 31. Does that mean the turnover will not push through on Dec? Also, we were informed by our Sales rep that after December 5, we can still pay whatever amount we can but we'd have to pay it directly na sa SMDC. Then it will be deducted daw sa lump sum balance na we need to loan from the bank. Does anyone know if this is legit or will it really be credited to our account? Thank you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi I am Michelle S.
    Does anyone know recent update on Bldg 2? I am not sure what is the name of the building, turn over extended to December 2016. I actually bought a ticket home to be there, and make my final payment.
    I am wondering if anyone knows what is the status as far as where they at. When I call SMDC, they don't have a solid response rather keep telling me turn over is according to who paid first …what is that.
    I am in school right now and am only taking two weeks for Winter break. I hate to go home waste money, and time if construction is incomplete or turn over is not going to happen. I appreciate any update.

  7. Geri says:

    The latest we know is that update is indeed Dec2016. In our 2016 article, another one commented that SMDC is supposed to email the customers once their unit is ready, starting from the lower floors first. Might be safer to wait for the email first before booking a flight home?

  8. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the update…i am actually waiting also for building 2.i finished my down payment last march 2016, i request a 3 months extension atleast para sa proseso ng application ko thru china bank. when china bank sent a letter of guarantee sa smdc, after a week they send me an email about my pertaining balance, nagulat ako kasi i was informed to pay the penalty na almost 60k. i phoned smdc customer service para e-klaro yun sa email nila, kasi i got an assurance sa china bank na binayaran na nila yun balance ko sa, i was told then just ignore their email then they told me na bayad na ako sa kanila. just waiting na lng kung kelan ang turn over ng TOWER LILY..hopefully pag uwi ko ng january 2017 okey na ang unit..

  9. Geri says:

    Good good at least it was clarified. We're also excited for our unit, hoping December or January we can live much closer to our place of work.

  10. Geri says:

    Thanks for the update. Got to tour Orchid during our June 2016 visit (which we also posted here). The turnover info is surely a welcome news. Hopefully the Dec2016 turnover indeed pushes through. Now looking for bank financing options.

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