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The Future of Real Estate in the Philippines

The Future of Real Estate in the Philippines
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The Philippine economy is the fastest growing in the Asian region, mentioned by International Monetary Funds (IMF, 2014). However, the concerns were raised that in South East Asia, the strong growth combined with low interest rates had led to fears of a property bubble in Manila (CERB, 2014). However, the local real estate brokers and agents remain overwhelmingly positive.

Park Place Expensive Real Estate Monopol by Philip Taylor PT, on Flickr

The recent study by a global property portal, Lamudi, has shown that 92% of the local brokers described their outlook of the Philippines property market over the next 12 months as very positiveThose surveyed nominated the country’s economic outlook as the biggest constraint on the real estate sector, reflecting current concerns about a potential slowdown. The prospect of political change and limitations on foreign investment also emerged as key constraints on the property sector.



Another good news, in 2015, the GDP is predicted to be rising! As compared to other emerging countries in Southeast Asia region, the Philippines’ GDP will be on the highest rank!

Lamudi also discussed about the future of the property market with Jose Sales, Head of Research and Consulting at Pinnacle Real Estate Consulting Services. This interview will be valuable for all the property investors.

Q: Do you expect the Philippine growth story to continue?

A: For this year, GDP growth is projected to be slightly lower than last year. Even though we’re slowing down a bit, the Philippines is still achieving higher growth compared to its neighbors. It would be tough to sustain this with the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming national elections in 2016, and transition of power. Business process outsourcing (BPO) is here to stay. Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) remittances are here to stay. These are keeping the economy afloat and not just afloat, but growing faster compared to our neighbors.

To read the full interview and more of this research, visit whitepaper done by Lamudi. 

As a result of this research, the future of the property market in 2015 will be on a bright side!

Park Place Expensive Real Estate Monopoly by  Philip Taylor PT 
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Other photos c/o Lamudi Philipiines


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  1. real estate says:

    I think so, Philippine is now going upwards continuously. They also trying hard to build up their real estate business so far.

  2. Emirati Habibi says:

    Philippine real estate market is going upwards as compare to 2013 and 2014. Countries which are popular for real estate market are also having good trends , you can see list of good properties for sale in Dubai at people are now more in Real estate business.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello. Good day. I like your blog. Would you mind if I ask you to discuss also about the individual rights of every house and lot. Because I am really having a problem with the developer. I was recently told that they are still on the process of securing the individual rights for every property which means that they are selling the property under someone else's name.

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