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Ask Geri: Where to Get Start-up Funds for Piggery Business?

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[Published with permission from email sender]

Hi Geri,

I am a South African dedicated woman, willing to start this piggery business. Where can I get funds to start? Please help.

– Email from PN via Ask Geri


Hi PN,

As discussed in our email exchange, we are not too familiar with the set-up in South Africa, but nonetheless, we can offer you some suggestions based on our learnings here in the Philippines, in case a similar set-up exists in your country. Also, in case other South African readers can get to see this and possibly respond to you.

Where to get funds for a piggery start-up?

First, there are government agencies (such as department of agriculture) which can possibly offer start-up capital for livestock raising, especially if they want to promote this in certain areas such as the countryside. Not necessarily cash but they might have a program that gives away or lends piglets to help their countrymen. Or they may be experimenting with a new and better breed of livestock, and they need interested hog-raisers to help them.

Second, consider looking for non-government organizations (NGO) and livelihood cooperatives who’s thrust is into livestock raising and providing start-up help to entrepreneurial women such as you.


Third, you might want to check with actual hog-growers to see if there is any chance they can help you. Some are open to lending one to two piglets from their bunch of newborns, then once you grow and sell them, they get a share of your revenue.

Fourth, do consider taking out a small loan to finance your business. Certain lenders are also open to funding a start up and eventual profit-sharing in case a business succeeds. Look for microfinance companies in your area since usual microfinance companies do not only lend but also provide proper training and support groups to increase the chances of success of its entrepreneurial customers.

Hope I was able to help and thank you for reaching out all the way from South Africa.

Dear readers, any other suggestions to help PN?

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