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Juan Liners: Uberkill LTFRB, Pera sa Basura, Betting and BLOOMing, Divisoria Adventure

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Last week, news came out that LTFRB is apprehending Uber drivers as they are considered colorum. MMDA meanwhile asked for LTFRB’s reconsideration since, as MMDA argues, Uber can actually be considered as a private arrangement between the vehicle-owner/driver and the passenger, similar to carpooling or bridal cars, hence not to be considered as public transport.


Haven’t tried Uber myself but I find the one who created it very clever. Uber is a very creative business model. So creative it makes our government agencies argue. It makes commuting easier as it allows passengers to pre-book and use private vehicles for their needed travel, for a premium payment. Mind you these are not your usual taxis, since as passengers shared, they are usually high-end sedans and even SUVs. Some got to ride on Camry, MonteroSport, Hummer and even BMW. Chances are there is a Camaro too.

Chevrolet Camaro by henrymaxm, on Flickr

Testimonials from uber-satisfied Uber users: Clean, safe, reliable and uber cool.

Upon hearing how it works, after I was amazed, I also asked myself. So how is it regulated, if need be? Can it remain as a private arrangement between two parties, or should it be considered a public mode of transport, hence regulated by LTFRB? Borderline really.

Some Uber users think LTFRB is uberkill on this issue. What do you think?

May Pera sa Basura

After a steep fall last October 13, PSEi has been showing some signs of rebound and uptrend, amid the very thin volume. It seems like investors prefer to remain on the sidelines, still waiting for more positive indicators that the tide has indeed turned for the better. Traders and tsupiteros meanwhile are feasting on basura stocks, or those with very minimal capitalization, some gaining 40% and 50% on a daily basis based on rumors, jockeying or simple scavenging.

I myself am not good in trading basura issues. My investment OHA and budget do not suit such high frequency risky transactions. So I patiently wait on the side too. My unsolicited advice to those who play with fiery basura:

May pera sa basura. Pero huwag papaiwang may hawak na basura. Lalo’t higit, huwag sasaluhin ang basurang itinatambak na ng iba.

Caveat though, this refers to stocks and not to literal trash. LTFRB este MMDA please don’t apprehend me.

BLOOMing Industry

Casino Chips with houses on top by Images_of_Money, on Flickr

Shares of Solaire (PSE: BLOOM) showed a very strong bullish trend amidst the weak market and thin trading. For the past 5 days, BLOOM shares climbed up, ending at 15.02 as of Friday, from a low of 12.90 during the drop coinciding the TWD premiere. What’s up Forum posters say that there will be a good news to be disclosed soon.

A might-be-related news refers to a big time US casino named after a Roman leader planning to join the PH gambling industry. It seems that in casinos, the more players, the better since it leads to great competition and robust international marketing (like what happened to the boom in Macau casinos), attracting the moneyed gamblers around the world. Unlike in other industries where more players lead to saturation of the market.

Yours truly was fortunate enough to cash in on the recent upswing. I don’t gamble but I don’t mind betting on casino stocks with growth stories. Not sure with the other listed casino shares though. As of this writing, I’m still BLOOMing.

More Business Ideas

Went to Divisoria yesterday along with seemingly millions of other Juan and Juana’s who want to buy bargain items. Uber daming tao. Got a headache afterwards but mission accomplished nonetheless. If you are looking for business ideas, you might want to pay Divisoria a visit, and do some window or actual shopping especially by the streets of Juan Luna, Tabora, Ilaya, and Sto.Cristo. You might just get your next business idea, business machines and business improvements from these streets.

Went to Divisoria yesterday to explore some expansion options for the coffee business. In corporate lingo, capex. In my small time entrepreneur lingo, investing in more equipments and packaging gimmicks.

My unsolicited advice to Divisoria goers, aside from be alert, be careful with your belongings and avoid the Christmas rush:

Be frugal and be practical. But don’t be cheap.

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Chevrolet Camaro by  henrymaxm 
Casino Chips with houses on top by  Images_of_Money 

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