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We May Be On the Same Bus (of Life), But We Have Different Journeys

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Eh yung eksenang may sumakay na babae sa bus na sinasakyan mo. Halatang mabango at bagong paligo. Samantalang ikaw sampung oras nang giniginaw at nakaupo. Puyat, gutom, masakit ang puwet, dugyot at kagabi pa ang huling sipilyo.
Catatonic Delirium by joaquinuy, on Flickr

My delivery in Filipino is a lot better but here’s a best effort English rendition:

That moment when a young lady rides the same bus as yours. She looks fresh, wet hair indicates she just bathed awhile ago. While there you are, seated in the freezing bus for 10 hours now.

Barely slept, hungry, butt aching, smelly, and whose only chance to brush his teeth was last night.

My learning on that instant: Even if we happened to be on the same bus, we still have different journeys. Such as in life.

The scene actually happened to me a few nights ago as I once again went up north of Luzon, via a night trip bus ride. Such rides usually last for 6 to 12 hours and you spend your time sleeping (or trying), watching movies, listening to songs, staring a pitch black fields, forests, cliffs outside, and eating or peeing during stop overs.

So there I was with loved ones, aching to get the trip over and done with so we can finally get some peaceful sleep on an actual bed with actual blankets (and not just shawls or jackets). A good two hours away from our destination, some more people got on board, looking fresh. Maybe they are going to church or to the market as it was already dawn, that’s why they were up and travelling so early.

And then it reminded me. These people will have shorter trips than us, and will be a lot fresher looking than us. We may be on the same bus at that instant but we have different journeys. We have different baggage, travel times, and stop overs. We feel differently, think differently, seated in different seats (of course). It just happened that in the next few minutes or hours, we share the same bus.

Such as in life. People come and go. Some journey with us for long, some for just a few blocks. Life goes on, our journeys go on. We all have different purposes and different paths to take.

That’s the reality of life. Are we on track?

This is what happens when I’m so sleepy and cannot get to sleep because of bumpy rides.
Photo: Catatonic Delirium by joaquinuy

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