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Cow, Cost, Cycle: Start Up Cattle Business

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Last month, I shared about starting a small piggery business. And that I targeted to be back into investing in cows in 2 months time. Well thank God, timeline just got a bit faster and this month, was able to get back into more livestock investments.
Meet Cowie. She lives in the vast grasslands up north in Quirino province.
Well we don’t have an official name for her yet so for now Cowie will do. She’s a female cow, formally known as “heifer”, almost 3 years of age according to the previous owner, and currently under observation whether she’s pregnant or not (I hope she is!).
Given it’s age (and she is of imported descent we were told), we got her at PHP32,000. Together with Cowie, a much younger cow was sold at PHP15,000 (2 years old and of local bloodline), to be taken cared of by another couple. The set-up is generally the same as that of the pigs, wherein the caretaker and financier will split the net selling revenue once the cow has been sold.
Once confirmed that the cow is pregnant (I really hope she is), gestation period is said to be 285 days or so, longer than human pregnancy period. That’s why I’m hoping that Cowie is carrying a new calf inside her so that waiting period is shorter. This waiting game is much longer compared to that of pigs, but at least we got Cowie at a more mature age compared to the pigs which we got as piglets. And unlike pigs which can give birth to a number of offspring per delivery, cows only give birth to one (1) calf at a time.
So in general, pigs will have shorter business cycles and faster turnaround compared to that of cows. And speaking of cycles, we got Cowie during peak of tuition payment time (May to June), which means cattle growers tend to sell their livestock at this time of the year, to pay for their kids tuition. Potential investors might get some good deals during these months. Hopefully farmers who need cash get a fair deal for their livestock.
I hope to share more positive news in the months to come.
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