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MRT Tries Express Trains ala MMDA Bus Segregation Scheme

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MRT will be dispatching express trains effective April 30, 2014, or based on amended posts, until further notice. Well better late than never.
MRT by brownpau, on Flickr
Suggested a similar MRT segregation strategy way back in Dec 2012, just like MMDA bus segregation scheme along EDSA.
Not saying it will work, but saying it’s worth a try.

Finally, word reached the MRT Administration to give it a shot.

Basically, there will be skipping trains (or what they call express trains) with limited and pre-selected stops which means not all people will need to squeeze themselves inside each and every train that passes by. This scheme groups the very busy destinations together so that those going to the less busy and less crowded stations need not force themselves into the already jampacked trains. Hopefully, this frees up space and time to accommodate those bound for very busy stations. People will have to be mindful though of what the stops will be per every train that pass the stations so information dissemination and coordination are crucial. 

Copies of the postings are as follows:


The schedule are of course mere estimates. This post was taken at Cubao station showing morning schedules so I suppose this will be the express trains for northbound during mornings.

The ones posted at Ayala station show evening schedules so I guess it varies during the peak hours of the stations. And the groupings (southbound) posted at Ayala station are as follows:

Taft- Magallanes- Cubao- Kamuning- Quezon Ave- North Ave
Taft- Ayala- Cubao- Kamuning- Quezon Ave- North Ave
Taft- Buendia- Cubao- Kamuning- Quezon Ave- North Ave

For this southbound groupings, noticeable that Guadalupe to Santolan stations were skipped so those bound for these stations will have to wait for the non-express trains that will stop at every station.

Let’s hope this works and shortens travel time for everybody. Commuters will have to be careful though as I’d expect the lines at the platforms will be rumbled again and again since not every train will be relevant to everyone lined up. 

And for us commuters, a little bit of cooperation, adjustment and self-education are asked for. More patience and more consideration to our co-commuters.

Let’s give the MRT Administration a chance too.

Photo: MRT by  brownpau 

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