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Top 3 Credit Card Alternatives for Filipino Entrepreneurs

Maximum Credit Card 0% Installment: Three Months
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Editor’s Note: In line with our advocacy on financial literacy, entrepreneurship and proper use of credit cards, as follows is a guest post that provides information on which credit card may help entrepreneurs looking for financial leverage to compliment their business cash flows.

Online shopping in the Philippines has significantly increased. A report from Nielsen in 2012 has found that Filipinos are among the most active users of the Internet for product research and getting online deals in the Asia-Pacific region. It was also found that 72 percent of Filipino online consumers used the internet for grocery shopping research for the month of August 2012.


Apart from using debit cards, online shopping is usually done in the Philippines using credit cards. But what about Filipino entrepreneurs and freelancers who aspire to own credit cards but are being hampered by factors such as a stable monthly income, proof of income, and other requirements that they cannot submit? Below are some alternatives to credit cards Filipino entrepreneurs may use:

BPI My ePrepaid

  • An express cash credit card created for online shopping use, verify accounts, and so forth, My ePrepaid is a Mastercard account that will cost you P500 to register, and is renewable every 2 years. With BPI’s online shopping card, account holders are not required to have a maintaining balance, and all they need are 1-2 valid ID/s, together with the accomplished registration form, to be able to qualify for the loan. 
  • Filipino freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to verify PayPal payment with their My ePrepaid may do it over the counter, using their mobile devices, or their BPI Express Online accounts. The first step is to add My ePrepaid as a debit / credit card and enter the 3-digit CVC code at the back of the card to your Paypal account. Next step is to click on the Verify link then wait for 2 days before shooting an email to to ask for the 4-digit EXPUSE code. Your email should contain 1) your name, and 2) your 16-digit card number. Meanwhile, those who have verified their My ePrepaid card on their BPI Express Online accounts should look for their EXPUSE number in the last 5 transactions. Your EXPUSE number is the number you have to give upon verification of your PayPal account.

Unionbank EON

  • Another debit card and savings account for Filipino entrepreneurs and freelancers is the EON card from Unionbank. Verification for PayPal using EON is similar to My ePrepaid card. To verify your Paypal account, the first step is to register your EON card using Unionbank’s online banking service. Second step is to ensure your EON account has a minimum balance of P200. Add your EON account as a credit or debit card, input the 3-digit CVC code at the back, and click Verify to start the process. The next step is to log in to your EON CyberAccount and search for PayPal’s EXPUSE number, or the 4-digit code you will need for verification. Wait for 5 days before your number might be reflected in your account. Input your EXPUSE number upon verification of your PayPal account. 


  • If you are doing freelancing jobs for oDesk and Elance, you will know that Payoneer is what they use for getting payments from clients. It is a debit card from Mastercard that can be used for online purchases and PayPal, albeit a more expensive option than EON and ePrepaid with a charge of $2 for every withdrawal transaction. To verify your PayPal account using Payoneer, follow similar instructions for the other cards. Activate it first and then make sure to load enough money you can use to verify your PayPal account. Add your Payoneer card as a debit/ credit card and input the 3-digit CVC code at the back of your card to your PayPal account. Click Verify and then log in to your Payoneer account to get your 4-digit EXPUSE number. Input your EXPUSE number to verify your PayPal account. 

Choose any of these top 3 credit card alternatives for shopping online, and you won’t have to worry about presenting proof of stable income to apply for credit cards. The advantage with having these alternatives for credit cards is that you don’t need to have a maintaining balance, plus you can buy products and services online without any hassle.

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