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Investment Quotes from Forbes and Kudlow: Diversify, Plan, Guidance, Study, Humility

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Here are some investment quotes from some financial experts, quoted from the book The Best Investment Advice I Ever Received by Liz Claman.

I added my two cents too (in parenthesis).

It’s really up to you whether you buy these advice or not. What’s important is we are always willing to learn, weighing the pros and cons of each advice, and we adapt those strategies we believe in.

From Steve Forbes, President and CEO of Forbes Inc; Editor in Chief of Forbes Magazine

If you want to get rich, start your own business. (Be entrepreneurs and investors).

Like in tennis, unless you’re a pro, just try to get the ball over the net. Same in investing, just try to get the ball over the net and let compounding interest do the rest.

If you don’t have time to do your own investing, to learn about equities, have someone babysit the money for you through mutual funds (or UITF). Put in a certain amount each month and don’t worry about it from day to day (similar to cost averaging or EIP).

The tuition you pay in learning about investing is a not a one-time thing. You learn all the time. That is why discipline is so important. In investing, you should never feel that you really know it because if you do, the market is going to humble you.

Be well diversified.

From Lawrence Kudlow, CEO of Kudlow and Company; Host, CNBC’s Kudlow and Company

If a stock falls 5 days in a row, you should sell it. Never be emotional, never get attached, never try to outwit the market. If it goes down 5 days in a row, sell it. (What matters here is for each of us to have a trading plan, and follow it. Whether it’s 5 days or 3 days or longer! And that we should not be emotional or sentimentally attached to our stock picks).

The market is never wrong, it is what it is. And it is smarter than all of us put together, the collective wisdom of all these people buying and selling. (Remember it is a product of millions of individual decision making, each acting out of the information they have [which varies] and the level of fear and greed).

If you don’t have time to pick your own stocks, consider mutual funds (or UITF or VUL) or exchange traded funds (which is coming soon to PSE). The diversification you get from these funds is very important.

Let us keep on learning, every Juan!

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