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Ad: Batangas’ Best Kapeng Barako(1-min read)


Enjoy your own special brew and preferred taste, plus the familiar addicting aroma of liberica coffee at the comforts of your own place, at your own time and pace.

Made from 100% freshly roasted and ground Philippine Liberica, or more commonly known locally as Kapeng Barako. 100% sourced from Batangas province, which is popular for the said coffee.

Comes in various sizes, such as 100g, 150g, 250g and 500g. Available in ground and roasted coffee or roasted coffee bean variants.

Suggested brewing procedure is also included in our packaging, for your reference, and one which you can easily adjust to your taste and preference.

Unique gift idea for the holidays, perfect for Christmas give-aways.

Follow us on our Facebook page, Batangas’ Best Kapeng Barako to know more about our product, and to be updated as well of our new offers or brews. You may also shoot us an email at for orders!

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