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Who’s The Twitter Bird and What Google Means? Insights on Branding

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We have seen some generic terms evolve into successful business names. They have succeeded to turn ordinary terms into meaningful words with great recall.
Or successful brands that have become generic terms, their success has made us embrace their names as household, everyday, conversational terms.
If you play Logo Quiz, then chances are you pay close attention to popular and visible brand names and their logos. In turn, they have been successful in getting a tiny space of your memory and recall.

A few weeks ago, Yahoo! presented an interesting slide show on 25 Tech Companies and How they Got Their Names. Pretty interesting, since most of these established big names also have humble, ordinary, funny and even weird (yet witty) origins.

Branding is everything, but it need not be complicated. You may view the slide show through this link.
Pinoy Advantage
Branding can be easy especially for us Filipinos who are creative, witty, funny, and bordering maloko. But it can also be a bane for us, since Pinoy’s also love to copy-paste. In a recent franchise expo I attended, the speaker showed what he dubbed as Mang Inasal’s greatest competition. Not Bacolod Inasal, Chicken Bacolod, ChicBoy, or Jollibee or any other store that serves delicious chicken. He showed Ma’am Inasal, a junk food that also uses Mang Inasal’s colors of red, yellow, green and black. A close competition of Lechon Manok junk food too. The threat may be real or not, but the points is tsk tsk tsk. 

Further, we have McBo in front of McDo, Putahe ng Ina Mo then there is Ina Mo Rin, many versions of Lapid’s Chicharon as long as the owner is related to any Lapid. Jollibee or Jolly Jeep? Or Generics here then Generika there. Would you associate ‘Ginebra”  to Ginebra San Miguel or Ginebra Kapitan? Haha. Sigh.
More Than (Just) A Big Word
Branding tries to establish you, your brand and your product / service as a top of mind among customers. What matters is that the branding should speak for itself, easy to recall, not intimidating, and appeals to its target market. Preferably original too. A good balance of creativity and simplicity. Branding is how you effectively communicate to your market what you want to convey regarding your product/s or service/s. Branding is also not just about the brand name, or the company name or the logo. It’s about consistency, the use of brand colors and logos in packaging, uniform, store displays, websites, etc. And the meaning of the logo and brand name (if there is) should be aligned to company values, objectives, vision-mission, etc.
Good Established Branding Cuts You Some Slack
Great products and customer service are important, but usually, once a brand has been established with strong following, then customers are willing to a be a bit more forgiving of some miscues in products and service. If you’re at the stage of building up your brand, then sorry but there is less room for booboos for you. But if you look at established brands, I’m sure they also receive a ton of complaints and public bashing (case in point telcos), and yet very few crumbled. Most remain strong brands. Because trust, track record and credibility have been built, customer forgiveness and understanding are easier to receive. Brand loyalty trumps some shortcomings. Still, that doesn’t mean once a brand is established, then they can rest easy. As they say, it takes years to build a reputation and seconds to destroy one.

PS. Oh by the way, the Twitter bird’s name is Larry. As in Larry Bird, the NBA Hall of Famer who played for Boston Celtics. As to why, go read this.

Photo: “Hello My Name Is”  by  Alan O’Rourke 

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  1. logo quizzer says:

    Hahaha! Liked Putahe ng Ina Mo and Putahe ng Ina Mo Rin. I play Logo quiz! Cool history of tech company names. Your website and articles are cool too!

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