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What is the US Quantitative Easing (QE) and How it Affects our PSE?

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Allow me to share with you a well-written article that talks about the PSE downward movements this August, and what (the hell) QE (Quantitative Easing) is basically all about.

This shows us how globalized the financial system has been for the past years, and how happenings in the US, affect our local markets and local currency very much now. A boon or a bane?

One of my questions is that, did they, the US, even consider the smaller countries out there, that will be affected eventually, when they were still crafting and discussing the monetary policies, that they have now implemented and starting to taper off?

The ripple effect of this massive tide they were trying to control to buoy their own economy.

Here’s the link to the mentioned great article:

QE Magic has lost its mojo (or why investors should get used to low trading volumes)

Should we expect this from the PSE market moving forward?

Hope you can learn something out of it too. It’s not just about stock markets (where only a few Pinoys really care about), it’s also our currency exchange rates (among of the main drivers of our economy — BPOs and OFW Remittances), and our economic well being in general.

As for the challenge of whether our economy is inclusive especially of the marginalized sectors, then that’s another point of contention
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