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Doing Your Best from Francis Kong and Law of Harvest from Bo Sanchez

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I’d like to share and quote a very good read from Francis Kong’s website, filed under Motivation. He is one of the best Filipino speakers I know and it’s really a joy to read his blogs and listen to him speak about motivation, leadership, excellence, spirituality and a whole lot more.

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Again, just to be clear, this is not my work, I’m copy – pasting an article from his blog as I want to share it to my fellow readers as well (I hope Sir Francis doesn’t mind) plus my two cents. Not sure who the author is.

Why? Honestly, I can relate with the article for personal reasons that I won’t discuss here. But mind you it’s never about the feeling of being overqualified because I’m definitely not. It’s about other portions of the article. Anyway, I hope those in need of work motivation will find some from this article.



Doing Your Best

One of the most devastating things I’ve ever heard in all my life is being told that I was “overqualified” when I was starting out in my career looking for a job. With all my impressive scholastic records, certain companies would simply dismiss me by saying that I am too over-qualified for the job. But then it didn’t matter, I was young, inexperienced and I continued to look for the job wherein I could be qualified. Somehow I have gotten through the fear and pain of rejection and I have certainly accepted these two inevitable facts of life as things that every person has to go through.

But then again, the more tragic thing about this is when somebody is already working at a job and yet his mind would dwell on the thought that he is “over-qualified” for it. Nothing could be more effective in hindering the progress of one’s career by harboring such a negative thought.

No matter what you do and what position you occupy, give it your best effort because you are worth your best effort.

Running away with all the top honors the school could give, I bravely faced the corporate world and started work as an executive assistant to the President of a big company. Fancy title but all I ever did was to type letters and deliver messages during the first few months of my budding career. The job description was embarrassing and the pay was frustrating and then I had 2 choices: either to resign and start scouting for a better paying job, to look for a position that would heal my bruised ego, or to simply stay and work like crazy. It was such a long way up the corporate ladder but then I realized the humbling truth that I was without experience, without credentials and without the knowledge needed to contribute to the business. I chose to stay and work from bottom up. I became the fastest typist in the company, I became the most reliable messenger anyone could find and this is what I discovered: that working hard reaps good results and difficult as it was, I certainly found the rewards fulfilling. I learned fast, performed efficiently and promoted real fast.

What I was doing (although I didn’t know at that time) was simply following a very effective principle found in the Bible which is the Word of God. I was unconsciously obeying Gal 6 that says “For whatsoever a man sows, that he shall reap.” And I was reaping the rewards of job promotions, salary increase and the fulfillment of job accomplishments.

Don’t be like the man who says, “This job is not worthy of me. I’m too good to be doing this.” In his contempt for his current means of employment, he refuses to do his best. He is dissatisfied, restless and miserable. And worse of all is that he is contagious. Misery loves company and this negative attitude would rub off on other people. And it wouldn’t be long before this guy loses his job. And the lesson behind this is that he didn’t fail his job. Someone else is at it working on it. He has simply failed himself.

There is no job too unworthy to do well. There is a favorite line among people who are engaged in show business. This is what they say: “There are no small parts, only small actors.

A person’s abilities work very much the same as his muscles do. They are strengthened by exercise. Rust comes into the picture if you fail to exercise what you have.

Look, the nature of the job does not determine the value of the person. The nobility he puts in his job dictates the value of that person.

God never puts anyone in a place too small to grow. Were the only ones who do that to ourselves. Wherever you may be – in an office, cleaning the floors, washing dishes, waiting on tables, in a kitchen, on an assembly line, give it your best shot. Perform to the best of your abilities. You’ll be expanding your talents by using them. And the end result is this: that you’ll find personal growth toward greater success and happiness. And that your heavenly boss is glorified.


Still in progress of searching my ideal job or vocation, wherein I’ll excel and be fulfilled spiritually and financially. Challenge is to do well and excel on where I am at the moment.

On a similar note, I’d like to invite you to read Bo Sanchez’ How to Turn Thoughts Into Things. It is one of his free ebooks for Truly Rich Club members (like myself). In the book, he discusses about The Law of the Harvest, which is very similar to above, and from which came one of my recent mantras in life (and inspired by Game of Thrones as well).

Keep on planting. Harvest is coming.
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  1. pen_name says:

    Glad to hear that Anonymous. Thanks and keep on reading.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very inspiring post! Great mantra as well, Pen.

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