Daily Bread Challenge: April 2013

Natural man: Get all you can. Spiritual man: Give all you can. Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone.

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O-k. Inhale. Exhale.

So was away for the whole month, almost, sorry about that. April was all heating up, with the second upgrade, rise and fall of our stock market, construction and home renovation galore (myself included) everywhere. 

Increasing number of invitations for blog ads, multi-level marketing, etc, among other things. But it was really good to experience all these, which I hope to elaborate on in the coming posts. Sorry for this delayed post as well. Been really busy.

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Bite-size Nugget of Wisdom
Humble work becomes holy work when it’s done for God.
In moments you can’t forgive, remember how much you  have been forgiven.
You can ask the Lord for humility but you can’t thank Him for it. (hmm profound..)
Natural man: Get all you can. Spiritual man: Give all you can.

Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone.

Pleasure is dependent on circumstances. Joy is inward and not disturbed by one’s environment. Find joy in Christ.
Sacrifice and substitution. Jesus did both.
The cross of Christ is bridge between God and man.
Christ’s resurrection is guarantee of our own.
It is better to be faithful than famous. In heaven, the last shall be first. God’s timing is perfect. So have patience, your reward is coming.
In delightful though often untraceable ways, He will provide for us and carry us through difficulties to the other side.
Spend some alone time with God each day.
What are you doing for Christ?
God may calm the storm around you. But more often He’ll calm the storm within you.
To become like Christ we must follow Him in the path of sacrifice and trial.
In life and in death, Christ is our hope.
It is sure that waves of trials are intended to bring us closer to Him, for us to set our hearts and minds on ‘things above’ and not on ‘things on earth.’
God hates hypocrisy but loves sinners. The biggest hypocrite is one who does not come to Christ due to hypocrites in Church, but still accepts hypocrisy in other facets of life.
To the Christian, death is the last shadow before heaven’s dawn.
There are two sides to everything.
Wasting the gift of time insults the Giver of time. (Ouch, sorry Lord).
Some of life’s greatest lessons are learned in the school of affliction. Our present sufferings are but for a moment and are being used by God for eternal good. The gripers are usually those who have the least to complain about. (Ouch again… )
Next time you open a hymn book, be sure you mean the words that come out of your mouth.
Promote love and truth. Not maliciousness and lies.
Outside of a relationship with God, many things in life are tantalizing but unrewarding.
Let’s seek to fill the hours with service, worship and work for the Master. Instead of drifting aimlessly through the allotted hours and days, let us truly live. (Ouch! Strike 3!)
Worrying can’t change anything. It doesn’t improve the future and it ruins the present.
Salvation is a gift to be received, not a goal to be achieved.
Stay away from temptations.
Trust Christ and believe His Word and your burden of guilt and doubt will fall. Don’t make the mistake of trying to get the feeling before you do the believing.
In a quarrel, no one ever wins.

Vote wisely Philippines! Please!

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