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I Joined Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club: En Route to Financial and Spiritual Abundance

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At the start of this year, I joined Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club. Upon seeing what’s in store in his website, I immediately joined and subscribed online using my credit card. For how much? For a similar amount I spend for coffee and milk tea monthly. Almost.

5f629-trc2bthumbnailNow since you’re spending time reading this post, then I assume you are at the very least also interested as to what this gigantic banner on the right of my site is all about, what it means and what it has to offer to you. So read on.

What Truly Rich Club Offers

Sorry but I won’t enumerate here what Bo Sanchez offers to his members. Because there’s a lot! Anyway you can just visit his website and find out for your self. He has quite a number of membership packages and gimmicks for you to choose from. Also a daily dose of thought-provoking and heart-warming insights plus stocks tips.

So why did I join really?

Bo Sanchez Fan

Ever since college I’m already a Bo Sanchez fan. I love how he writes and how he puts spirituality and God into daily life like it’s so easy, ordinary and relatable. For me, he makes faith so simple and easy to understand. God is really easy to understand.

Truly Rich

I’m an advocate of personal finance, financial literacy and a life of abundance and freedom for everyone. And I myself has been trying to slowly but surely (I hope) get to it since I graduated from college 6 years ago. And I don’t want it to be just a hollow pursuit of richness and money. For me there is more meaning to this desire of mine and the Truly Rich Club gives me that missing dimension: the spiritual side, that God indeed wants a life of wealth and abundance and prosperity for us all. That indeed our yearning for a better life, better financial standing is aligned with God’s plan for us. Financial and spiritual abundance at the same time.

Mentioned as well that my priorities for this year are FIBER-H. With this club, I get to attain stronger faith while still achieving the education and investments part. Here, faith and richness and wealth are in harmony, they are in sync.

Escapism and Rationalization

You might say I’m just rationalizing my evil selfish desires to get rich. That I am even using God and Truly Rich Club to mask and reason out my evil selfish ambitions. Say what you must. But as far as I am concerned, such thoughts need a change of mindset about money and wealth vis a vis God’s plan.

One major item I find helpful to address this is Bo’s recorded seminar on 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich which can be downloaded by members (and is also publicly available as a book). I keep on listening to that audio recording on my way to work because really, it has provided me eye openers, key insights and learnings. Things I need to know to address my self-criticisms on rationalization and escapism.

After all, I never said that I want to amass wealth for my own personal use. And Bo Sanchez never said that as well. True wealth still remains in the act of selfless giving. Money being evil is a misnomer that every Filipino should avoid and get rid of. It’s how we relate to it and use it that makes it good or evil.


Truly Rich Club also advocates investing in the stock market. You might have heard of Bo’s book entitled My Maid Invests in the Stock Market (an ebook copy of which is also made available to members). Because really, that is one way to be truly rich and gain financial freedom: stock market.

In the club, they provide a list of stocks where you can invest on a regular basis. This is meant for medium to long-term investors since the strategy is to buy certain shares per month until the ‘buy below price‘ is reached. This is similar to cost-averaging, which they just label as strategic averaging method or SAM. And when warranted, they also issue sell tips in case they expect prices to go down in the medium term. If you have extra money to pay for a stocks consultant, then you might want to consider this.


I have advocacy and interests which are aligned with what Bo and Truly Rich Club are doing. So somehow I affiliate and relate to them. Personal finance and educating the public and friends and my self. Striving to gain financial freedom. Writing books and blogs. And eventually public speaking. I may not reach Bo’s level of closeness to God to the point where I can preach. But at least I know that what I intend to do with my life, is an act of service to Him and to the people, for His greater glory.

Join the Truly Rich Club

Should you join? It’s really up to you.

As for me, I get the confidence that what I want for myself and others is not hollow and empty pursuit after all.

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7 Responses

  1. TRC Member says:

    I just joined TRC and I made a very wise decision. This is a good place to start if you want to invest in the Philippine stock market.

  2. set-ablaze leadership training says:

    I am a truly rich club member as well and I am very happy with my decision to invest in my future. Glad to have stumbled upon your site.

  3. pen_name says:

    Especially now that the market is falling, just 1% more drop and now into bearish trends. You might want to wait and see first.

    PSE's Stock Trading Game can be a good practice for you as well.

  4. pen_name says:

    Hi Investor Nurse. Caveat first this is a friendly advice not necessarily a professional one. Haha.

    I see my self in you I started with my extra 5k with stocks. But now i know better. I suggest you ask yourself are you ready to risk your 5k? Have you considered other less risky investment options? Or building your emergency fund first then securing your life and loved ones.

    You might find this post helpful to get you started.

    If you're really bent on investing in stocks first, TRC will help you choose which stocks to invest in regularly with long term investment horizon. Among other benefits.

    Keep on posting and reading.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good Day Pen!

    I happened to find your blog while searching for Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club.I'm glad I met someone who have interest in achieving financial freedom and helping other people as well.
    You see I'm a nurse, that being said, I receive a mediocre salary of P8000 per month. I saved P5000 and planned to invest it in stocks via citiseconline and to subscribe in Truly Rich Club.
    I want to ask your professional opinion if it would be a good idea? and how Truly Rich Club have helped you?
    Thank you very much and I highly appreciate your reply

  6. pen_name says:

    Thanks Red. God bless.

  7. Red Denal says:

    Keep sharing Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club.

    Stay Remarkable,
    Red @ Truly Rich Club Review

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