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BPI Trade Sports New Look and New Features

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It’s been a while since I last visited my BPI Trade account. And it is so good to see that they have improved their website further. Yes, BPI Trade is now sporting a new look!

With the number of online traders growing by double digits in the recent years (40% more subscribers last year?), I’m pretty sure competition among online brokers is getting tougher as well, hence the need to be more competitive. Good for us end consumers aka small time players!

Last Jan13, I had a post on how to buy stocks online using BPI Trade. Back then, interface was still the old one. Despite the changes in interface now, I’m pretty sure that process on how to post orders online remains basically the same. So let me just highlight three (3) great new changes with BPI Trade. Then I leave the rest of the navigating to those who also have BPI Trade accounts. For those interested / considering and have queries, feel free to get in touch with me so I can show you some more screenshots.


One key addition with BPI Trade that was lacking in the old version is the availability of graphs. For short-term stock traders, especially technical analysts, graphs are a must. Well good to know as well for fundamentalists.


And what’s more interesting is that the graphs with BPI Trade load up properly even with PCs that can’t load up the COL Financial graphs. I think this has something to do with the Java settings of PCs especially in offices which block certain sites or programmes (I’ve tried it!).

So for those who cannot access COL Financial graphs at the office, then having a BPI Trade account can give you access to those valuable trends.

Company Data

This provides a good snapshot and summary of financial analysis of the stocks you want to analyze. This saves you time from downloading the annual financial statements stored in the PSE website and gives you a quick glance on years worth of information.


Very friendly for those who are more leaning to fundamentals when it comes to choosing stocks.

And if you have your own spreadsheets wherein you just plug-in various company data to help you decide whether it’s buy-sell-hold, then these ready numbers are of great help. For more information on how to quickly analyze stocks using AFS, click here.

More Technical Analysis

To further assist our dear traders, BPI Trade also improved its research services, providing company disclosures, news etc. Another great addition is the analysis of technical indicators, namely RSI and moving average. At least BPI Trade is trying to match other online brokers with very comprehensive daily research and analysis for subscribers.Picture below shows interpretation of RSI and moving average in various observation windows or periods for all PSE-listed stocks.

So for those who are not yet too familiar with how RSI and moving averages work, or are afraid to analyze on their own what these indicators say when in graphical form, then this screen is really meant for you. You just need to look at the colors actually!

Sorry if I cannot provide you with pictures from other online brokers (but I assure you there’s a lot out there). It’s just that I only subscribe to two: BPI Trade and COL Financial.

Still hoping to see more and more players into the stock markets. And looking forward to more and more Filipinos financially literate.

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