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Before the Big Rich Names Became Rich: Us Towards Forbes’ 40 Richest

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Here’s my take to console my self.  Remember the Milo commercial, “great things start from small beginnings”?

I firmly believe that it also holds true to the big names and families we have in the Philippines: Sy, L. Tan, Razon, Gokongwei, Consunji, A. Tan, Ayala, Ty, Ongpin, Cojuangco, Ortigas, Pangilinan, etc and the list goes on (Forbes’s 40 Richest and beyond).

Or any rich wealthy family for that matter. Some of us might be familiar how some of them really have an almost rags to riches story, case in point is Henry Sy. Or Socorro RBefore the Big Rich Names Became Rich: Us Towards Forbes' 40 Richestamos of National Bookstore. Humble beginnings for all families.
Possible right?
Before the Big Rich Names Became Rich: Us Towards Forbes' 40 Richest
For some of the names here, it seems that their family have always been rich from recent memory. But there must have been a start right? Even if we retrace to the prehistoric era, or the colonization etc, there must have been a start, a tipping point, a turning point.

I won’t detail here the success story of these successful people, not familiar for most anyway. But just my two cents on how we, mere mortals, can be like them, somehow someday.

Tipping Point
I’ve been convincing myself that there must be a point in time, in their lives (or their family tree’s lives), when things started to turn from financial difficulty to stability, humble beginnings to massive success, to better financial standing, upwards towards their financial freedom and beyond. We can call this tipping point if you wish (I highly recommend a book with the same title).
Before the Big Rich Names Became Rich: Us Towards Forbes' 40 Richest
Yes, it can be that they were born rich. We know a lot of people who are like this. Their parents were rich. Or grandparents. Or parents or grand grandparents of the grandparents. Their ancestors. Yes the family may have generations of wealth running in their bloods, but it must have started somewhere right? Somewhere in the family’s history books, nothing must have turned into something, a few multiplied into many. Someone must have struck gold. Like for Henry Sy’s life, the turning point must have been in his life. It was his turn to turn the fortunes of the family.

So what is my point?
For us mere humble beings who have common surnames (haha!), who are still struggling to get out of the rat race, towards financial freedom, there must also come a tipping point, where somehow sometime, someone will reverse the family’s fortune. Not saying this is guaranteed, no. It can drag for generations more, as it has been so far. What I’m saying is that, like in their families, there must have been a small beginning before the greatness we are seeing. And what I’m saying is that could be us. The tipping point in our family tree’s history could be us. In our case, it could be that we are in the small beginning phase now, where great things start.
Before the Big Rich Names Became Rich: Us Towards Forbes' 40 Richest

Not guaranteed, but who knows, we might be the tipping point of our family’s fortunes right? Like in ABS-CBNs jingle, ‘Ako ang simula ng pagbabago.’ No one is saying as well that we will be able to completely reverse the financial trend in our lifetime. Maybe we are just meant to start the bull run, and future generations will continue it until they break the resistance and psychological barriers. We shall send ripples to the future and our kids and grandchildren will be the one to truly achieve financial freedom and great success and wealth.

It Can’t Just Stop Here

It pays to be this optimistic, positive and hopeful. That right here, right now, we can do something to change our lives. Our task is to create a big name for ourselves, hopefully during our lifetime, and definitely beyond. I’m not sure about you, but as for me, with all the blessings I have received so far, God definitely has big plans for me. It just can’t simply stop here.  Modesty aside, but in my heart of hearts, I know that I am destined for greatness.

A work in progress. Work with faith. Work hard. Work smart.

Before the Big Rich Names Became Rich: Us Towards Forbes' 40 Richest

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    Nice. Very inspiring. I sure hope to be the tipping point.

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