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How to Buy PSE Stocks Online: BPI Trade

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As promised, here is the step by step post on how to execute online buy and sell orders through BPI Trade which is owned by BPI (PSE: BPI) You might have read the previous post on using COL Financial (PSE: COL) and they are actually very similar. Now if you’re wondering how to open these online accounts, then you can jump to this post on getting started.
Operating and navigating the online accounts are actually no-brainers. It’s what the transactions mean to us and its repercussions to our hard earned money that require lots and lots of thinking, experience gathering, guts and risk appetite.
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  1. Click the ‘Trading‘ link on the left side, then ‘Order Entry
  2. Input your order details
    • Choose ‘Buy‘ or ‘Sell
    • Default transaction is by the board lot. Ticking ‘Oddlot‘ means the number of shares in your transaction is lower or not a multiple of the required board lot
    • Enter the stock code, number of shares (volume) and the price. If you are selling, number of shares should be within number of shares owned.
    • Pressing ‘Submit’ will show the summary of the transaction in the next page, plus all the fees to be charged. You are then required to key-in your password to confirm and to submit the transaction.
    • Then you wait for your order to be accepted, posted then matched.
  3. This panel shows how much cash you have available for trading as well as withdrawable amount
  4. Bid‘ shows demand volume/ buy requests per certain price while ‘Offer‘ shows volume of selling prices and the available volume for sale. If your transaction has a matching price in the bid or offer, then chances are your order will be matched and executed. This is important for you to see the supply and demand.
  5. This panel shows
    • Last transaction’s matched price
    • Opening price, Highest price and Lowest price for the day
    • Previous trading day’s closing price
  6. This panel shows
    • Board Lot is the trading unit of the share which means the shares are sold per lot, or bundle or multiples of that lot
    • Threshold High/ Low are the floors and ceiling prices of the share per day. Buy and sell orders should not breach these prices. This is PSE’s way (PSE: PSE) of regulating the price movements. (COL’s interface also has this but was not shown in the picture)
    • Price tick is how much the price can go up or down per transaction. Also serves as guide when you set your buy or sell price
  7. Shows last 5 matching trades, the time, volume of shares, at which matched price and the broker codes doing the buy and sell. This is important for you to see the trend of the transactions, as well as who are the brokers doing the buying and selling

Order Information link shows you whether your orders have been accepted, posted, matched etc.


For Juan on the go, get the power to monitor your stocks or trade online by accessing your windows based trading application on your preferred device (PC/android/iOS) with remotely accessible windows virtual desktop from, powered with impeccable tech-support from Apps4Rent.

Once again, good luck! May you have a richer life!

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12 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have incorrectly ordered equities below the minimum floor price, now im trying to correct the bid price but it no longer allows me because of error 1007. ugh

  2. Anonymous says:

    how can we fix 1007 – buy limit exceeded?

  3. Geri says:

    All online brokers will have costs when you try to bid / buy. Try looking at the respective websites, I'm sure the fees and charges are published there.

    This is the dilemma of small time traders like us: transaction costs. Many traders say that your minimum transaction should be around PHP8k so that you minimize the transaction costs (%wise).

  4. Peter Aurelius Banaoe says:

    I have tried BPI trade and there is a significant transaction cost to be incurred from bidding. Can this cost be avoided using BPI trade? Do you know of any online trading platform that offers free transactions (or with only minimal cost.

  5. Geri says:

    Haven't really tried since I'm no longer using this platform but should be since they are a broker after all. Not sure if one can do it by just clicking on some links online (like for some online platforms) or if one still has to submit / fax some forms.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can you purchase IPO shares in BPI Trade? 🙂 TIA

  7. Geri says:

    I don't think the order will push through. 🙂
    Stocks may only go higher or lower by 50% within the trading day to limit price volatility and manipulation, especially from those who like to speculate.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What if you enter a price above the threshold high?

  9. pen_name says:

    Thanks Anonymous for the clarification.

  10. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous- For every asking price of a share there is a minimum/maximum # of shares to acquire. (e.g for a stock price at 10php min and max at 19.98, the min # of shares is 100). You might be buying beyond the maximum or minimum according to the asking price of the share you are buying. Try to click on the Board Lot if there is a link on BPI Trade. 🙂

  11. pen_name says:

    Sorry Anonymous, I'm not familiar with the error that you encountered.

  12. Anonymous says:

    what does this error ”
    Your order was not sent because of the following problem/s:
    1007 – Buy limit exceeded.”
    mean? Thanks

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