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What Is SMART’s Freedom Plan?

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For me, it is an answer to a breadwinner’s dilemma.

Having a hard time getting updates from your parents or relatives because they are on prepaid and don’t always have ‘load’ to reply to your texts
Worried that in case of emergencies, they are unable to call or send out word, again because they don’t have load? 
Want to address this contactability issue yourself but can’t afford to give them postpaid plans with fixed monthly payments?

I had the same dilemma until I found out about SMART’s Freedom Plan (FP) via one of the TV Ads. Upon inquiring in a SMART Wireless Center, I got three postpaid plans right there and then. One to replace my prepaid number, and two for my parents. How does it work?

No Fixed Monthly Payments
The usual postpaid plans have fixed monthly payments. Plan 450 means minimum PHP450 per month, Plan 1500 means minimum PHP1500 per month regardless if you max out the plan or not. I say minimum since if you breach the agreed usage though (calls, texts, mobile data plan), then you get charged higher. With FP, you just pay how much you consume.
Got the bills already for the two plans I got for my parents, and their monthly bills are shown here. One plan’s due is ~PHP9 while the other is ~PHP46. Not kidding! These are postpaid plans! See the envelope?
Very minimal usage really. This is also one of the reasons why my parents are not inclined to always have prepaid load back then, because they don’t have much usage and prepaid load just tends to expire. With FP, no more worries of prepaid load expiry. One always has a ready credits for calls and texts. Whenever, wherever.
No Minimum, With Credit Limit Cap
With FP, there is no minimum usage required. If no usage for the month (no textmates?), then no billed amount. If just PHP10, then just PHP10. No need to rush to loading stations as well since this is postpaid. The plan is also qualified for other promos such as unlimited texting, internet surfing, calls promos, etc. Each plan also comes with a credit limit (in my case PHP600) so that excessive usage, if ever, is still capped. This is very breadwinner friendly since we get to experience the benefits and reliability and availability of a postpaid plan without the incremental monthly costs. 
You just need to watch out that you don’t spend higher than you normally do, just because this time you have ready credit (like the tendency in credit cards). Enrolled the bills of my parents as well in my credit card for auto-charge / ADA. That way, they don’t need to worry about the monthly payments.
How Much?
During the time I got the plans, each FP SIM card costs PHP250. This is quite higher than the normal prepaid SIM card. And FP plans do not come with handsets unlike other plans. It’s just really the SIM card though you get to choose among the available postpaid numbers. But for me, this is still a good deal in the long run.
Cannibalize Prepaid Industry?
Definitely. If this flies, then this will set a new ballgame for the prepaid industry as it will surely cannibalize and eat that portion. Case in point is us. Three prepaid SMART customers converted into postpaid. How SMART will profit from this is also my question. Maybe from the more expensive SIM card? Maybe they expect higher usage given the ready credit? But for responsible consumers, this is really a good deal.
Want to get one for yourself and your parents? Visit a SMART Wireless Network now.

Disclaimer: I shared this as a satisfied customer, and not to blindly advertise SMART and its products. Yes, I am promoting this product to those who will benefit from it, but SMART did not pay me to do so. I wish.

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4 Responses

  1. pen_name says:

    Thank you Anonymous for your comment.Just curious though, doesn't Smart FP have the roaming feature? Because technically you are using two postpaid lines…

    Anyway. Just realized I myself am using two postpaid lines via dual sim Android. Haha to each his/her own..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Despite having a Globe Postpaid 299 I also got a Freedom Plan. My Globe has roaming and most of my contacts are Globe or TM subscribers. I am loving my FP because it always has signal so it's a great back up phone. The promos like All text 200 where you have 2000 texts to all networks for 30 days has also saved me a lot of money as I am a texter rather than a caller.

  3. pen_name says:

    Wow good for you! Let's just say you have a “good problem” though I guess for now your locked-in with Globe. Well I hope you find someone who can benefit from the free SIM though it might be registered under your name as well, hence you'll be the one to be billed?

    Keep on reading and commenting. Appreciate it.

  4. ScIon says:

    I was sent a free FP sim card via BDO. If only this feature has been available earlier this year, I could have not switched to a Globe postpaid (299)

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