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Financial Freedom: Ideal Day Revised

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In 2011, I posted my realistic ideal day when I’ve finally reached financial freedom. It basically revolves around visiting my business every leisurely morning while trading stocks, then I’m free in the afternoon to play basketball, sleep, bond with family and kids, etc.

In 2012, I encountered some serious life-questioning and part of the answer was additional things I want to do in an ideal day. This ideal day continues to take more shape in 2013, but I’d like to share some revisions in this post.

Aside from trading stocks and running businesses, I realized that I also want to sell: real estate and insurance.

Real Estate Broker

2010 was the year I purchased (or rather loaned) my first real estate property. And 2012 was the year I started my down payment for condominium this time. In those years I’ve had interactions with different real estate agents and brokers, and I find their role appealing to me. Had some idea as well how home loans work because of these. Helping others become financially literate, nail the right investments that suits their needs and financial capacity, guiding others achieve their dreams and make quality real estate purchases.

They also seem so relaxed and that they own their time. You’re not stuck in an office 8am-5pm, you meet your clients in showrooms, coffee shops, etc. You explore designs of different developers. And the fulfillment upon seeing your clients take a big step towards their dreams. Hopefully, I get to learn further on this via real estate agent seminars, as well as more exposure to how home loans work.

Insurance Agent

Another racket that I’m very interested in is selling life insurance. Again, hinged on educating customers on financial literacy. As long as I’m not pressured to meet any quota, etc, then I’d be happy to sell and meet with people in coffee shops, etc. I find my self enjoying leisurely talks and discussions on investments, businesses and where to properly put other people’s money. And insurance is definitely a good choice to put money into. Again, in 2012, was blessed enough to finally get life insurance. So this time, an ideal day for me is also to encourage and enlighten others to get insurance as well. As I’ve said, if people rely on you, it pays to be secured, so pay and be insured.

So there, it seems like my ideal day will be a full day after all. But definitely not everyday. And at least, I own my time. And I can do things leisurely. Praying for a wonderful and progressive 2013!


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