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New Year’s Resolutions? 2013 Development Goals?

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I was quite early in my restrospect of a great 2012. And now quite excited as they say, this year of the Water Snake is even more blessed and prosperous than 2012’s Water Dragon, especially for businesses and education.

Not really a fan though of specific New Year’s  resolutions like save more (been trying!) or quit smoking ( I don’t anyway) or start jogging (I’d rather play basketball). Instead, I prepare my self-development goals (like the governments mid-term development goals) for the year. This way, I have flexibility (and better chances) of meeting my goals. Just being practical you know.

In previous years, I just give myself 3 key areas of focus, like for 2012, these are HIS: Health, Investments, Savings. But for 2013, I can already feel some signs of aging and I feel like time is running out, I need to be more serious with developing myself. So for 2013, I have 6 key areas to focus on: FIBER H.

A mere mnemonic, not arranged in terms of priority or urgency.

I encountered a quarter-life crisis, maybe I’m still in it. The feeling of being lost, floating, and not really sure of what I want to do with my life or how I’ll do what I want. Been alive for 26 years now and counting. I need to go back to the manual my Creator made for me, to reconnect with God and seek His guidance. Need to spend more time with Him, and start by attending mass more regularly.

Always a part every year’s priorities. Entered insurance and UITFs this year. Need to get back on the stock market by Jan12, nail and preserve my emergency funds and start risking more in stocks, UITF, etc. More house repairs and improvements as well! Build my retirement fund.

6 years and counting, “the business concept for me” has continuously eluded me. Been starting to doubt myself if I was really created to be a businessman, but deep inside, that is how I feel. It’s like the “business for me” is at the tip of my tongue already yet I can’t utter it. Not yet. But 2013 will be a year for more intense brainstorming, of spreading the entrepreneurial mindset to my family and relatives, and hopefully launch the first of the many businesses I want to run.

6 years and counting, never formally studied again, just kept on reading here and there. No formal trainings from work as well. The MBA, CFA and FRM doors remain closed but not necessarily padlocked. The feeling of I miss my old learning attitude still haunts me. For 2013, I’ll focus more on stocks trainings (formal lectures and seminars), learn how to sell insurance, be a real estate broker and if there’s extra budget, I’d like to be a Registered Financial Planner (RFP). As they say, “if you find education expensive, try ignorance“. Besides time is running, technology is running. Don’t want to make my skills set obsolete. On the side, learn to drive, learn more business models, learn new software, pass the civil service exam.

Build stronger relationships with loved ones, build new ones. Know more people, network more. At this day and age, networking is not limited to Facebook and Twitter. As they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Need to take this more seriously. Really. My tummy is getting bigger. And I don’t want to die early.
Faith. Investments. Business. Education. Relationships. Health. Share me yours!
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