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Most Valuable Asset for 2013: Time

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The best time to love is now. The best time to invest is now. Happy New Year!

Some random thoughts on Time.

Quote from Francis Kong:

Remember this: The day goes slow but the years go fast. Make every moment count. The way
you spend your time is the way you spend your life. Don’t waste life.

So true! In a few hours we’re leaving 2012 behind.

How many of those days were wasted due to laziness, low morale and demotivation?

How many days in 2012 were spent in blankly staring at the PC monitor, delaying (or pretending to) work instead of delaying gratification. Counting the hours until it’s time to leave the office? (Am I just talking to my self?). 

And how many chances to compound earnings and growth in simple investments did we allow to pass us by?

Indeed, the day goes slow but the years go fast. How ironic, yet how true.

I miss my old self, my old learning attitude, my drive when I was still in college. Is this a sign that I am in the wrong field / place?

Rick Warren in Purpose Driven Life says “The best gift of love is time” because the seconds we have spent will never be repaid, never repeated, cannot be given back to us by those we spend time with. Not what we do with our money but what we do with our time.

In college, we have learned the present and future value of money. Forget about all the formula, what matters in investments is this: time allows us to compound growth, and the earlier we start, the smaller amount we need, the longer the investment horizon we have, the better.

The best time to love is now. The best time
to invest is now. Happy New Year!

Cheers to a more serious, hardworking, smart-working and game face 2013. Aja!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    So true. Happy new year b2. Cheers for 2013. Keep on posting. 🙂

  2. pen_name says:

    Thank you! Happy New Year too! Cheers!

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