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Simple Escalator Courtesy: Keep Right!

Simple Escalator Courtesy: Keep Right!
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Update: Ayala MRT station (and select SM Malls) have the signages for people to keep right and give way to those in a hurry. But still. Either Pinoys don’t know how to read, or they simply don’t care. Tsk tsk.

Not in a hurry? Then keep right! 

All of you not in a hurry, stay on the right side of the escalator. If you prefer to let the escalator take you up or down in its own pace, please keep right. Leave some space towards the left side of the escalator for those in a hurry, for those who don’t have the time to wait for the escalator to reach the bottom or top and prefer to climb up or down with it.
Simple, right?

German escalator line by Mambo&Tango, on Flickr

In a hurry and yet people are blocking your way? Almost late for work and the public does not seem to care? Some people are really just dense and not mindful of their surroundings, taking their sweet leisurely time in a rush hour. Blocking the way. They feel like they own the whole escalator step they are standing on. False sense of entitlement. Rush hour. In the mall, MRT, anywhere with escalators.

And it has been a Pinoy habit to relax while riding the escalator, some stay on the left, some on the right, some right at the middle of the escalator steps. Those in a hurry need to utter lots of excuse me’s and snake their way through. Why not stay on one side and let those in a hurry pass you by?
In Singapore, this is common practice. Those who can afford to wait automatically pile up on the right side of the escalator. Those who don’t have much time to lose may just pass by on the left side of the escalator freely. Simple right?
Here in our country, escalator passengers are all over. Very disorderly. Can’t we do the same? 
Of course we can.

Photo: “German Escalator Line” by  Mambo&Tango 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So true. especially in Ayala MRT. reminds me of your old post,

  2. pen_name says:

    Thanks Anonymous. Appreciate it that you mentioned my previous post. Decided to update it then to link the two posts.

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